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Are You Ready Series: The Prepared Pet

[1]Pets should not be overlooked when acquiring short- and long-term emergency supplies.  Our loyal furry and feathered friends make their ways into our hearts and become members of the family.

It is important to take their needs into account when you are creating a disaster plan and stocking up for your family.

Plan Ahead for Pet Disaster Needs

Many of the most vital steps for keeping your pet safe and healthy during a disaster take place well before a crisis is anywhere on the horizon.

During a Disaster

If a disaster strikes, even the most well-behaved pet can become afraid and behave uncharacteristically.  In the event of an emergency, follow these tips:

If You Must Leave Your Home

Although many of us plan to shelter in place in the event of an emergency, it’s important to be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

If You Must Leave Your Pet at Home

Leaving your pet at home alone during an emergency can place him in grave danger. If evacuation becomes necessary, every effort should be made to bring them along.

If you have absolutely no alternative but to leave your pet at home, there are some precautions you must take.

 After a Disaster

The danger doesn’t end with the disaster itself. There are also perils during the aftermath of the event.

To conclude, if children are worried about a beloved pet, a crisis situation will become even more traumatic for them. Ensuring our pets are as safe as the humans will help all family members cope with the stressful situation.

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