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The Economic Recovery Failed Us: Food Shortages, High Unemployment Rates, 43.6 Million On Food Stamps


Food shortages, unemployment, 43 million on food stamps… and they say we are in a recovery period?  People, it is just beginning. 

In, Now is the Time to Redouble Your Families Preparedness Efforts [1] an article written for SHTF Plan [2], I urged readers to begin preparing for harder times.  Despite, sneers and snickers by disbelieving friends and family members, many of us continue to press on with our preparedness efforts.  We see the signs and know that hard times are on the horizon.

In the above mentioned article, economic signs of a failing economy were discussed, and instead of acceptance of the problem at hand, many citizens turned a blind eye because they did not want to end their complacent existence.

Our terminally ill economy is just another symptom of the much larger problem that looms in the distance.  We have all heard whispers of a global food crisis.  In fact, in the past 3 months food prices such as wheat [3], sugar [4], and coffee [5] have all increased exponentially due to failed crop seasons and the monetary stimulus being pumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve.  These symptoms that have reared their ugly heads are the beginning of the end – the end of the carefree American existence and the birth (and reality) of harder times…

You must begin preparing for your family’s future.  Investing in hard assets [6]such as sugar, flour, silver will sustain a family in times when they may need it the most.  Start researching to understand the basic premise of preparing for disasters.  Most American households are feeling the effects of the Great Recession… ahem Depression.  A large percentage of households are already living below poverty line, and more are to follow…  

A year and a half ago, the government announced that America is in a recovery period.  There was no need to worry anymore because Washington had everything under control.  Perhaps the government withheld a few minor details.  It seems that a percentage of the citizens in this country are still feeling the economic burn. 

In a report by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture [7], 43 million citizens continue to use the food stamps program.  In other words, more than 14% of the American population cannot afford to buy food without assistance from government programs (Source [8]). 

Those that have prepared realized early on that they could survive more abundantly by mimicking our pioneer ancestors way of life.  They have also learned ways to simplify [9] their lives and their finances, and learned essential skills [10].  There is no doubt that each and every one of you have noticed your budgets dwindling little by little each year.  It is becoming more difficult to stretch a dollar.  Now is time to accept the problem at hand and prepare for it. 

Prepare by starting a short term food supply.  FEMA [11] recommends having a two week food supply in the event that an unforeseen emergency occurs.  Even though many consider emergency preparation to be weather related, any unforeseen disaster such as unemployment [12] can be also be classified as an emergency.  Start investing in gallons of water and non-perishable food items.  From there, you can begin investing in other emergency needs that suit your basic needs.  Challenge family members to begin their own preparedness efforts by doing a Preparedness Challenge for 30 Days [13].  You will be surprised how much you accumulate in 30 days time.

You know what your family needs to thrive during a disaster.  Start investing in those needed items and buy in bulk quantities.  The more you have, the more prepared you will be when you need those items the most.

(To read a beginner’s guide to prepping. click here [14] and here [15]).