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Safe Investment Commodities for a Volatile Market

With the market as volatile as it is these day, it is better to start investing in safer commodities that one can use for their future well being. Stocks are plunging around the world! Long gone are the days of “easy money” from trading in the stock market. No one can trust in the market’s reliability. Investing your money in real assests that you can live off of for the next 10 years will be a better approach than investing in short term stock investments.

With the market as volatile as it is these day, it is better to start investing in safer commodities that one can use for their future well being.  Stocks are plunging around the world!  Long gone are the days of  “easy money” from trading in the stock market.  Now, all that is left is the bitter, mood swings of  a dying market.  No one can trust in the market’s reliability. Investing your money in real assests that you can live off of for the next 10 years will be a better approach than investing in short term stock investments.

Many economic forecasters have warned that the coming days and the coming collapse will be nothing like we have ever seen before.  Some believe this crash will be worse than the previous one.  It turns out that economic forecasters such as George Soros, Gerald Celente and Martin Armstrong may, in fact be right with their warnings of an upcoming collapse.  In fact, Soros says that the full impact of the the collapse has not even been felt yet!

Invest into Hard Assets

Hard assets (anything tangible that can be used for the next 10 years) is an investment one could make that will have a reliable return on investment.  Hard assets, such as long term food, food devices (grain mills, cast iron pots), silver or gold, farming equipment, tools, necessary clothing, are items that can be put to use over the next 1-10 years that will ensure one’s well being.

Store Basic Necessities – Due to the possibility of a food shortage, as well as an increase in food prices due to an inflationary period from a major recession, the price of food will go up at least 20% or more.  Buying foods before this crisis hits will help sustain a family longer than foods bought later on during the inflationary period. Depending on what is purchased, lasting foods such as seeds, dry goods, dehydrated foods and dry beans and rice can be stored for years.  Additionally, begin storing water.  Water may be hard to come by in future.  Investing in a good water filter and ways to collect water would also be advantageous.  This will give a person the best bang for the buck.

Invest in Precious Metals– If a person cannot invest in expensive precious metals, try and find junk silver.  Junk coins are typically quarters that were minted before 1965 and include Morgan and Peace dollars; Liberty Head “Barber,” Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy half dollars; Liberty Head “Barber,” Standing Liberty and Washington quarters; Liberty Head “Barber,” Winged Liberty Head “Mercury” and Roosevelt dimes; and Jefferson “Wartime” nickles.  These coins are 90% pure silver!  The best way to find these coins is to go to banks and ask for rolls of coins that were given to the bank by private persons.  Do not accept the rolls of quarters that were given to the banks by bank security trucks.  Typically, bank security companies sift through looking for these specialty coins already, so the likelihood of finding any junk silver is next to nothing.  So, make sure it is from a private citizen.

Canada and the United Kingdom also has junk silver.  For a list of junk silver in these countries, click here.

Kevin, from the Neo Survivalist, states that, ” to protect your wealth, consider investing in precious metals.  Sure gold and silver will have volatile movements, but take a long term perspective with precious metals.  Also, consider it a way to store wealth versus getting rich.”

Large Investments for Your Future Livelihood

Assuming that major debts for a family are paid, any large investment should be made into things that can assist a family for long term self sustainability such as investing in farmland, tools, farm equipment or precious metals, even quality camping equipment can be a large (but necessary) investment.  During a depression, many find they can no longer live in the city.  There will be too many hungry and too many unemployed.  The only option will be to move out of the city in order to find a way to make money in order to care of their family.  Farmland used for long term survival, is a necessary long term investment.  Additionally, investing in non-gmo or heirloom variety seeds will give a major return on the original investment.  Many believe that seeds will hold more bartering power than precious metals in a long term disaster.

Investing each month into hard assets is an investment in securing one’s future.  The market is on it’s last breath.  The up and down swings will continue until eventually they will cease and the market will free fall with it’s dying breath.  No one knows for sure what the overall damage is going to be, but many are preparing for utter collapse and the destruction of the easy way of life.  It is time to invest in your future.  Doing it now, while prices are still relatively low is better than doing it when the prices increase.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 7th, 2010