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DIY: Make Your Own Biodiesel

The current world is at it’s peak as far as consumption is concerned. With our finite resources, it’s time we begin exploring alternatives.

DIY: Make Your Own Biodiesel

The current world is at it’s peak as far as consumption is concerned. With our finite resources, it’s time we begin exploring alternatives.

How to Get a Year Supply of Firewood for $20!

Preppers always look ahead to prepare for storms on the horizon – and next year’s bouts of cold weather is no different. Here is how you can get a year’s supply of firewood for $20!

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

3 ‘Powerful’ Things You Can Do NOW To Prepare For A Future Grid Failure

In the event of a grid failure, would you be prepared? Many who prep save extra food and water, but have no idea what actually going “off the grid” would entail. But there are some tips and tricks to preparing so you don’t find yourself or your family at the whims of those currently running the political system.

3 Uses a Stationary Bike Has When the Grid Goes Down

If you find yourself living through a long term disaster, where the new way of life is living off the grid, then the sooner you can begin learning creative solutions to adapt to this way of life, the better off you will be.

Fatwood: The Quick and the Tender

Fatwood is one of the easiest ways to get a fire lit – even in wet conditions. This natural fire starter is made from the resinous remains of a pine tree that has died. Learn more on how to locate and harvest fatwood.

7 Off-grid Projects for Survivalists

When you get disconnected from the grid, your gadgets will become useless once they are drained of their batteries. Here are 7 projects that can be helpful if you are planning to go completely or partially off-grid.

Five Eco Friendly Alternatives For Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready for the first 72 hours of an emergency or natural disaster? If an unforeseen event should happen, sustainable and reusable supplies are great tools for you and your family. Here are several eco-friendly and health conscious ways to prepare for the possibility of an emergency.

Are You Ready Series: Off-Grid Refrigeration

Whether a person is planning for a hurricane, EMP or TEOTWAWKI, electricity or lack there of, will pose a problem to those that are not prepared. Off grid refrigeration could be the solution!

Bushcraft Emergency Lighting

When it comes to long-term preparedness, we need only look back on our ancestors’ knowledge to affirm that their methods for surviving, often considered primitive by modern standards, are effective in their own right and are applicable in the event that our modern day conveniences are disrupted.


Trauma Medicine: How to Use and Apply a Tourniquet

Tourniquets aren’t discussed often when it comes to prepping supplies; the focus seems to be on medical supplies such as antibiotics and simple first aid kit. But a tourniquet should be added to your gear, and there is one big life-saving reason why.

10 Seeds You Need for the Survival Garden

Survival seeds are one of those long-term preparedness measures that every family should have. If the days come when a survival garden is needed, the family will be happy to have invested in such an important prep item. 

5 Ancient Weapons and their SHTF Uses

In a long-term emergency where society has collapsed, you’ll want to save that ammo and rely on ancient weapons in times that their silent employ could very well mean the difference between life and death.

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