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Five Alternate Uses for your Manual Wheat Grinder

There are many ways to utilize your wheat grinder whether you’re in survival mode or simply in your kitchen.

8 Recipes For Making Homemade Extracts

There’s nothing like homemade extracts to really bring out the flavor in your baked goods and beverages. Here are 8 delicious, homemade aromatic extracts that can be made in 5 minutes!

Sustainable Farming: Raising Quail

If you’re trying to get by and want a self-sufficient meat source, but are limited on space or are trying to do it on the sly so your landlord and neighbors won’t find out, quail is an excellent option.

6 Old-Fashioned Ways to Predict the Weather

Whether you’re in a field environment, camping mode, or just trying to figure out whether you can repair the shingles on your barn before the rain hits, it is important to gauge what you see and compare it to what will be.

Baby Chicks Need Love Too: 6 Natural Treatments for Common Chick Ailments

Let’s say you did everything by the book and researched the chicken breeds you wanted, set up all the equipment beforehand, and gave your chicks everything they needed to thrive; but for some reason they aren’t. While there could be a myriad of reasons why this could be, my guess would be on one of these seven common ailments.

Aprons: The Essential Homesteading Garment

There’s a style of apron for every homesteading chore and every budget. Pick a style that suits you and your needs best and I know you’ll love them just as much as I do.

Black Gold: Add Nutrients to the Garden – The Easy Way!

Black gold is the product of vermicomposting—or, in simple terms, it’s the rich, black stuff that comes out the back end of a worm. This so-called “super soil” has many benefits and it only takes a little bit of work to build your own worm farm and start getting a constant supply.

Topical Home Remedies the Easy Way

One day you may be looking to nature for your pharmaceuticals. With these easy to follow instructions, you can learn to easily create your own homemade salves using nature’s medicine.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil


22 Ways To Conserve Water In Your Home

Learning ways to practice the art of conserving water now, will help you lower your energy bills and make the most of your water sources during times of emergencies.

8 Reasons to Become a Yardfarmer

Apart from raising awareness about some of the important issues and challenges we face, Yardfarmers is about converting unsustainable suburban developments, urban food deserts, or other neglected land into sustainable, more resilient opportunities for people while building community.

5 Simple Solutions For Composting

Utilize these five easy ways to collect compostable materials to add to the garden. The end result is a full spectrum soil conditioner that will keep your garden thriving.

Five Eco Friendly Alternatives For Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready for the first 72 hours of an emergency or natural disaster? If an unforeseen event should happen, sustainable and reusable supplies are great tools for you and your family. Here are several eco-friendly and health conscious ways to prepare for the possibility of an emergency.

80+ Items You Can Compost

A passionate composter and urban farmer, this author knows compost. What comes as a surprise to you on this list?

10 Easy DIY Employment Opportunities

Technology has made it so simple to turn your passion into a living income, it’s almost inexcusable not to. You owe it to yourself and all others who will benefit from your participation in that arena.

Video: Convert a Washing Machine Motor to Create Free Energy

In our consumption-based society, as soon as something is broken, we don’t think twice about tossing it to the curb and buying a new one. We do this without realizing the other uses these appliances or their parts could serve us in the future.

10 Easy Survival Seeds to Grow

Those who have started their survival gardens have no doubt learned from a few garden mistakes along the way. Yet through these mistakes, gardeners have stumbled upon wisdom and grown into better gardeners. These experienced gardeners have taken certain factors into consideration before the seeds are planted, and through experience found which vegetables varieties are easier to grow.

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