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10 Prepper Uses for Safety Pins

The humble safety pin has more prepper uses than you would think.

Beefing Up Your Prepper Pantry with Jerky

With meat prices steadily increasing at the grocery store, many are turning to purchasing bulk beef to save their budgets, and at the same time, bulk up their pantries for rainy days. This quick guide will teach you everything you need to know about making beef jerky and storing it for later use.

Donating During a SHTF Emergency

Disasters bring out the very best and the very worst in people. Learn about the dangers that exist in donating during this chaotic time and how to do it while maintaining OPSEC.

Cat Litter Uses in a Prepper World

Cat litter has some very practical uses in the prepper world and may come in handy in emergency situations. Read these tips on ways to incorporate cat litter into your preps to help protect, reduce odors, stains, and help your garden grow.

Cover the Basics: 8 Prepper Tools to Get You Through a Disaster

The following products are the basic items a prepper can use that will help prepare to live and thrive in the aftermath of a disaster. These products encompass your very basic needs and will provide you with the beginnings of a solid collection of prepping tools.

An Active Shooter Open Fires on a Crowd. What Do You Do?

Mass shootings are increasing in frequency and severity. While many are holding out hope that they will stop or that the government will get a handle on the situation, our personal security and peace of mind continue to be under attack. This begs the question on what each citizen of this country can do to survive.

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10 Tips To Teach Kids About Internet Safety

Our children live in such a drastically different world as we grew up in. Dangers seem to be around every corner, and the Internet has invited those dangers into our homes and our children’s bedrooms.


We are fortunate to live in the information age, where data can easily be accessed by a touch of a button. As preppers, we should use this to our advantage and this includes using our phones. The apps listed below could save a life – and that life could be yours.

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Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks are becoming more of an issue in this day and age. In fact, Wall Street admits that a cyberattack could crash our banking system at any time. Are you prepared for this type of disaster?

8 Prepper Principles For a Prepared Mind

You can have all the preps in the world, but without a prepared mind, you will not be ready for what may come. These 8 crucial prepper principles can help you prepare your mind for a shtf lifestyle.

Trauma Medicine: How to Use and Apply a Tourniquet

Tourniquets aren’t discussed often when it comes to prepping supplies; the focus seems to be on medical supplies such as antibiotics and simple first aid kit. But a tourniquet should be added to your gear, and there is one big life-saving reason why.

10 Seeds You Need for the Survival Garden

Survival seeds are one of those long-term preparedness measures that every family should have. If the days come when a survival garden is needed, the family will be happy to have invested in such an important prep item. 

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