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25 Hardcore Healthy Foods You Need in Your Emergency Pantry

Here’s how to build an emergency pantry that is packed with nutritious, shelf-stable foods that will help your family keep energy levels up.

How to Get a Year Supply of Firewood for $20!

Preppers always look ahead to prepare for storms on the horizon – and next year’s bouts of cold weather is no different. Here is how you can get a year’s supply of firewood for $20!

Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks are becoming more of an issue in this day and age. In fact, Wall Street admits that a cyberattack could crash our banking system at any time. Are you prepared for this type of disaster?


What To Do When You Have to Prep on the Fly

There are plenty of reasons why you, a person who is otherwise fully aware of how fragile society is, might not be prepared when a disaster strikes, but are you ready for the repercussions?

Bugging Out with Your Data

When you are in a bug out situation, carrying around a bunch of paperwork (along with all of your other gear) is the last thing on your mind. Thanks to the power of technology, you have options for storing and backing up pertinent data.

Just How Unhealthy And Unsafe Are Disaster Shelters?

There has been much evidence to support preparing for an emergency and disaster scenario on your own without putting your hopes in crowded shelters or government-operated camps. Even though FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has come out and said they are not efficient nor are they even effective at helping people, most just don’t seem to care, and won’t until it is too late. And a shelter may not have conditions that are any better.

5 Simple Ways to Grow an Emergency Fund

Organizing your finances and finding ways to free up some of your money for an emergency will help you create a personal safety net. Theses five tips and suggestions will help you get on the path to financial freedom.


Plan For Bugging Out With Your Pets

You probably all ready have a family emergency kit put together with all of the essentials that you and your family would need in case of a emergency. But did you include your pets?

Homemade Dog Treats

Dog treats are a fast and healthier way to show Fido how much you love him. Here are three tasty dog treat recipes that you can make in your home and save money in the process.


How To Avoid Financial Scammers After A Disaster

Natural disasters bring out the best in some people, but the worst in others. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, victims of the storm’s wrath should also be on alert to avoid becoming victims of financial scammers looking to make a quick buck off those who have already lost so much.


10 Seeds You Need for the Survival Garden

Survival seeds are one of those long-term preparedness measures that every family should have. If the days come when a survival garden is needed, the family will be happy to have invested in such an important prep item. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil


5 Tips to Put Your Bug Out Bag on a Diet

If you have a bug out bag packed and waiting, it might be time to reevaluate what’s inside it and lighten things up a little while you’re still able to easily.


10 Cheap Yet Effective Home Security Tips

Check out these cheap yet effective home security tips to keep your home safe and secure while making sure you have as much of your budget as possible to use for your prep.


When Seconds Count: 5 Items for Quick-Action Response

Emergencies can spring up in seconds. When they do, those seconds count! These are a few things you can tote around with you in a jacket or cargo pocket that will give you an immediate edge when a situation arises that calls for you to work on it immediately.


Hurricane Season is Here: Are you Ready?

Getting ready before that first hurricane watch comes will alleviate a lot of worries and last minute rushing around. Do yourself and your family a favor and get ready now.


The Many SHTF Uses for Alcohol

Alcohol is a very valuable commodity that has many uses now and will be invaluable during a long-term disaster. When used responsibly and safely, it can give you a powerful edge with everything from powering engines, to making medicines and even starting a fire.

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