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10 Practical Reasons You Need Tarps in Your Emergency Preparedness Gear

Tarps serve multiple purposes in an emergency situation and are great for long-term uses. Here are 10 practical uses for tarps in an emergency situation.

Trauma Medicine: How to Use and Apply a Tourniquet

Tourniquets aren’t discussed often when it comes to prepping supplies; the focus seems to be on medical supplies such as antibiotics and simple first aid kit. But a tourniquet should be added to your gear, and there is one big life-saving reason why.

10 Seeds You Need for the Survival Garden

Survival seeds are one of those long-term preparedness measures that every family should have. If the days come when a survival garden is needed, the family will be happy to have invested in such an important prep item. 



Cover the Basics: 8 Prepper Tools to Get You Through a Disaster

The following products are the basic items a prepper can use that will help prepare to live and thrive in the aftermath of a disaster. These products encompass your very basic needs and will provide you with the beginnings of a solid collection of prepping tools.

13 Ways to Keep Your House Warmer This Winter

In our 1952 house, keeping the basement warm (where our entertainment center is located) is a tall task. Utilizing the tips below will not only save money, but will make sure you’re warm and comfortable all winter long.


The Basics on Making Herbal Aids for Pets

Herbs can be very beneficial for your pets for the same reasons they can help you: they are not as invasive nor addictive as pharmacological medications, and they have less side effects when administered properly and correctly.

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Are You Ready Series: Extreme Winter Storms

With winter storms becoming more unpredictable, it is important to prepare accordingly. Read more on how to better prepare for winter storms and what to expect when they occur in your location.

Are You Ready? How To Survive Falling Through Ice

Every year, people die from falling through ice they thought was safe to cross. In near-frozen water, you have exactly 10 minutes to get out of the ice water before your muscles become too cold to function. Know these preventative measures and how to survive if you find yourself in this type of emergency.

Are You Ready Series: Essential Footwear

Surviving the harsh elements of nature is a hard thing to do.  Surviving the harsh elements of nature without a good pair of shoes is next to impossible.   Waterproof boots will protect your feet from the natural elements (water, heat, cold, snow, etc).  Hiking boots...

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Our food supply: When it’s gone…it’s gone.

There has never been a more appropriate time to start stocking up on long life foods that can see you through a crisis. Likewise, if you know nothing about growing vegetables this summer would be an excellent time to learn, best to make mistakes before an event than during it.



5 Ways To Avoid Approaching Attackers

People are unpredictable and for whatever reason may be inclined to want to attack you. Your top priority in this situation is to escape and get to safety. Use this common sense approach to escaping dangerous situations combined with tactical awareness to keep you safe when you are in danger.



72 Hours Without This Will Kill You: Survival Water Fundamentals

Good Day, Ready Nutrition Readers!  Welcome to “Part I” of a 3-part series detailing information on the fundamentals of water in a survival and preparedness arena.  Today’s article will cover some purification methods and tools available to individuals and small...


DIY: Make Your Own Biodiesel

The current world is at it’s peak as far as consumption is concerned. With our finite resources, it’s time we begin exploring alternatives.

How to Get a Year Supply of Firewood for $20!

Preppers always look ahead to prepare for storms on the horizon – and next year’s bouts of cold weather is no different. Here is how you can get a year’s supply of firewood for $20!

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