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How To Have Zero Waste in Your Kitchen

How would you like to save a LOT of money, and benefit the environment while you are at it? There are many tricks and tips you can use to do both.

Homemade Paper Pots

Newspapers are typically used to add carbon rich materials to the compost pile, but they can also be used to plant seeds in. Newspaper pots are a cost effective and natural way to add nutrients to the garden and plant your garden at the same time.

How to Make Homemade Fire Starters

Carrying firestarters with you while you are away from home can be a great way to add a little survival insurance to whatever situation you happen to find yourself in. All you need are 4 household items that you would typically throw away.

Six All-Natural Lotions, Balms and Salves You Can Make On the Cheap

It’s time we take an active stance against chemical-laden products. Knowing how easy it is to make your own will help you positively impact your health and save money at the same time. There is no reason to spend endless amounts of money on a lotions, creams and salves that you can make yourself – without the added chemicals. These recipes are loved by my family. Try them today and notice the difference!

The Re-Purposed Coffee Can

Coffee cans are one of those overlooked everyday items that we see sitting on our counters. But if a person is in a pinch, that coffee can can serve a multitude of purposes. Preppers should start collecting their old coffee cans to use in the Bug out Bags, in their home as well as around their homestead.

7 Ways to Re-Use Wine Corks

To think of all the wine corks I threw away without realizing how many more uses they had. Here are seven great ideas to re-use those wine corks laying around.

10 Ways To Make Your Trash Work For You

Those that are attempting to adopt the homesteading mindset are trying to re-learn the lost knowledge from our agrerian ancestors, as well as trying to find practical ways to save a buck or two. The homesteading mindset is all about re-purposing items we already have in our possession. Finding ways to re-purpose trash can not only make your lifestyle more “green,”, but it can save you money and time as well.

80+ Items You Can Compost

A passionate composter and urban farmer, this author knows compost. What comes as a surprise to you on this list?

25 New Ways to Use Coffee Filters

Who knew that coffee filters could be so versatile? Here are 25 different ways that coffee filters can add convenience to your life.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil


How To Score Free Groceries (Seriously)

Here’s some excellent advice that can help you trim down your grocery bill and provide some extra cash for survival gear or preps you will make in your home.

Edible Flowers: 42 Varieties to Add to Your Garden

When you are planning your garden, consider adding flowers that serve a purpose of not only assisting in pollination, but can be also be used in dishes. This will help you make most of the limited garden space, not to mention adding fragrant and visually striking appeal to your dishes.

5 Simple Solutions For Composting

Utilize these five easy ways to collect compostable materials to add to the garden. The end result is a full spectrum soil conditioner that will keep your garden thriving.

Survival Food Series: Three Sisters Technique

The Three Sisters gardening method is a sustainable gardening approach to making the most of space, using companion planting and using plants as a living support. Learn more about the Three Sisters and how to plant it.

10 Ways to Opt out of the System

The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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