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Create Your Own Butterfly Kingdom with this Child-Friendly Project

Butterflies are an excellent addition to any backyard or garden and attracting them is easy and doesn’t require much space. Here’s a DIY weekend project that the kids can do with you!

Get Fizzy With It! Make Your Own Homemade Soda

Home brewing your own sodas are cheaper, more nutritious and a great project to do with the family. Learn how easy this skill is and use the recipes provided to make your own homemade soda.

Seed to Plate: How To Grow Bread-Worthy Spring Wheat From Seed

Wheat is one of those staples that’s been getting a bad rap lately. With the current diet trends leaning toward eating carbohydrates, wheat and bread aren’t on the radar of many gardeners. But there are some benefits to growing it, especially if you select the “hard red spring wheat.”

How To Protect Yourself From Venomous Snakes

With the return of the warm summer sun comes the return of potentially venomous snakes. If you live in or are visiting an area known for its deadly snakes this summer, you will want to be careful and armed with the knowledge of how to protect yourself from them.

Are You Prepared? 2019 Hurricane Forecast Predicts as Many as 14 Storms This Year!

According to the 2019 Hurricane Forecast, as many as 14 tropical storms are predicted this year.  It could be a destructive hurricane season and based on the forecast, two to four of the projected storms are expected to turn into serious large-scale hurricanes. If you live in a hurricane danger zone, the real question is: are you prepared?

A Growing Guide For Small Sugar Pumpkins

Small sugar pumpkins are a perfect addition to any autumn lovers garden! Perfectly sweet or savory, based on your personal preference, these cute little pumpkins offer a nutritious treat without the tricks!

DIY Electrolyte Powders

Making your own electrolyte powder is a low cost alternative to purchasing those expensive sports drinks. An added bonus to making your own electrolyte powder is it gives you complete control over the ingredients of the electrolyte drink and you can have it on hand when you need it the most.

DIY Dry Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Whether you need a quick fix for a camping trip or want to stock up for a time where your water supply could be turned off, the diy dry shampoo mix is great, natural and makes your hair feel and smell great.

7 Ways to Re-Use Wine Corks

To think of all the wine corks I threw away without realizing how many more uses they had. Here are seven great ideas to re-use those wine corks laying around.

Hidden in Plain Sight: How To Make a Tactical Hideaway

Home defense is a concern for many. And who wouldn't be? 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. More interesting, is that the average burglary takes 10 minutes and the stolen property amounts to over $2,000 in stolen property. According...

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Zero High CBD

DIY: Whipped Eczema Cream With Soothing Aloe

Eczema is considered an immune deficiency and requires a cure to work both inside and out. Aloe Vera is one of the few natural wonders that has been shown to reduce eczema symptoms both on the skin and in the immune system. This whipped lotion recipe uses soothing aloe vera, jojoba, as well as many other skin healing agents to create a rich cream that will help soothe eczema flare-ups and help the skin regenerate.

Make Your Own Biomass Firelogs in Four Easy Steps

Learning how to make alternative fuel sources using the items you have around is an essential survival skill to learn. Many are realizing that their trash is literally a treasure. Phone books, newspapers, old homework paper and other paper -based rubbish that we would normally throw away can be fashioned into a green fuel source.

Heal Lips Naturally With This Soothing Lip Balm

Most store bought lip balms contain toxic substances that can do more harm to your lips than good. Feel confident knowing there is an alternative – a natural alternative. This homemade lip balm recipe is soothing, moisturizing and will help heal chapped, sensitive lips.


How To Score Free Groceries (Seriously)

Here’s some excellent advice that can help you trim down your grocery bill and provide some extra cash for survival gear or preps you will make in your home.

Edible Flowers: 42 Varieties to Add to Your Garden

When you are planning your garden, consider adding flowers that serve a purpose of not only assisting in pollination, but can be also be used in dishes. This will help you make most of the limited garden space, not to mention adding fragrant and visually striking appeal to your dishes.

5 Simple Solutions For Composting

Utilize these five easy ways to collect compostable materials to add to the garden. The end result is a full spectrum soil conditioner that will keep your garden thriving.

Survival Food Series: Three Sisters Technique

The Three Sisters gardening method is a sustainable gardening approach to making the most of space, using companion planting and using plants as a living support. Learn more about the Three Sisters and how to plant it.

10 Ways to Opt out of the System

The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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