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The Coronavirus Preparedness Handbook: How to Protect Your Home, School, Workplace, and Community from a Deadly Pandemic

By Tess Pennginton (Published March 31, 2020)

Life-Saving COVID-19 Information: Quarantines, Lockdowns, Face Masks, Immune Support, Food Readiness, Sanitation, and More

​The novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, started in Wuhan, China. Shortly thereafter, 11 million people in Wuhan and 57 million people in other regions of China were under lockdown. But that was half a world away and couldn’t happen here. On March 7, 2020, less than 90 days after the initial Wuhan outbreak, 16 million people in Italy were put on lockdown. How many of these people put on lockdown were prepared?

Are you prepared?

The Coronavirus Preparedness Handbook by Tess Pennington will prepare you for whatever may happen in your region. Find life-saving information, including everything you need to know about:

  • Preparing for quarantine
  • When to release someone
    from isolation
  • Choosing face masks, respirators, and gloves
  • Creating a medical supply chest
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Stocking your pantry
  • Sanitation tips
  • Communicating during lockdown
  • Preparing your community and schools
  • And more!

From a description of the virus and how to prevent yourself from getting the virus to the supplies you should have in your house in case of a lockdown, this book will prepare you for all possibilities.

Tess Pennington is the bestselling author of two preparedness books: The Prepper's Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Through Any Disaster and The Prepper's Cookbook. Since 2007, she has focused on educating the public on topics including disaster preparedness, natural living, homesteading, emergency food pantries, food storage, and ultimately, self-reliance. She is formally trained in emergency and disaster management response with the American Red Cross.