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The Prepared Home: 50 Essential Items to Put in Your Ultimate Survival Medical Kit

We all have our fair share of band-aids and antibiotic ointment, but do you have medical supplies that can help with true medical emergencies? The following list is your basic medical preparations broken into sections of need to help in your organization.

When Seconds Count: 5 Items for Quick-Action Response

Emergencies can spring up in seconds. When they do, those seconds count! These are a few things you can tote around with you in a jacket or cargo pocket that will give you an immediate edge when a situation arises that calls for you to work on it immediately.

Frostbite: How To Survive Winter’s Unrelenting Brutality

Frostbite can be life-threatening and understanding how to prevent and treat it would save your life when dealing with exposure. This primer will teach you all you need to know on shunting, the stages of frostbite and the treatments available.

The Dirty Dozen: The Hidden Dangers That Lurk in Soil

Dirt holds many hidden dangers that can cause serious health problems if you do not thoroughly wash your hands. In order to prevent these health-related issues, it is important to understand the hidden dangers of dirt and what you can do to prevent illnesses.

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How To Protect Yourself From Venomous Snakes

With the return of the warm summer sun comes the return of potentially venomous snakes. If you live in or are visiting an area known for its deadly snakes this summer, you will want to be careful and armed with the knowledge of how to protect yourself from them.

The 5 Most Common Dental Emergencies

Familiarizing yourself with the most common types of dental emergencies, and knowing what dental supplies would be best to invest in will hep you be more efficient in your preparations.

How To Survive the Financial Cost of a Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies often come out of the blue and can be devastating to not only your mental well-being but your finances. Because of the nature of these unexpected burdens, we’ve put together some steps that can be taken to survive the financial strain of an unforeseen medical emergency.


3 Emergency Uses for Plastic Sheeting

It is important for you to pick up a few rolls of plastic sheeting for your home that can benefit you and your family not just for use in a greenhouse, but in a disaster, as well.

How to Get a Year Supply of Firewood for $20!

Preppers always look ahead to prepare for storms on the horizon – and next year’s bouts of cold weather is no different. Here is how you can get a year’s supply of firewood for $20!

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