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5 Beneficial Bugs You Want in Your Garden and How to Attract Them

There are plenty of species that are beneficial to our gardens. They can pollinate your plants, fight pests, and in some cases they can help fertilize your soil.


20 Medicinal Herbs That I Have in My Prepper Garden

So, many of you may be asking my I want to go to all the trouble and grow herbs and roots for natural healing. In short, it’s so I can have options at my disposal. These 20 herbs made the cut and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choices.


6 Old-Fashioned Ways to Predict the Weather

Whether you’re in a field environment, camping mode, or just trying to figure out whether you can repair the shingles on your barn before the rain hits, it is important to gauge what you see and compare it to what will be.


DIY: Soy Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a natural alternative to repelling those annoying insects and provide a pleasant scent at the same time. They also are very adaptable to what you have on hand.

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7 Ways to Re-Use Wine Corks

To think of all the wine corks I threw away without realizing how many more uses they had. Here are seven great ideas to re-use those wine corks laying around.

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A Step-By-Step Guide for Starting Seeds Indoors

Simply by providing seeds with comfortable temperatures, adequate soil moisture and time, your plants will establish strong root systems and, in time, grow big enough for replanting. Follow these tips for planting success.


The Ultimate Chicken Crap Composting Guide

Using chicken manure is excellent as a soil amendment and hailed as a top choice for organic gardeners. Here are some recommendations to get you started using chicken manure in your compost pile.

Thriving When It Counts: How To Use Bug Infested Food

You may have done everything right in protecting your dry pantry goods, but there are times when bugs find a way into your food supply. While these infestations may prevent humans from consuming it, take comfort in knowing that all is not lost!

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