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Packing for Family Vacations is a Breeze With These Organizational Tips

Traveling with kids has a ton of challenges, but with these handy tips, packing their clothes won’t be one of them.

Get The Kids To Do Their Laundry With These Easy Tips!

Doing the laundry is never exactly fun, but having my kids pitch in and help makes the job easier and it also teaches them independence and self-reliance. By planning/organizing a few things in advance, I’ve made the process of doing our laundry much easier for my little helpers.

Is Minimalism the True Secret to Happiness?

My grandma used to say no matter how much you think you want some material thing, one day you’ll be begging somebody to take it off your hands. Minimalism, she insisted, is the key to a peaceful life.

Personal Preparedness Kit for Kids

Some kids seem to find trouble more often than others. Teaching them to be prepared for unforeseen events starts at home and, like school, it starts with the basics. Knowing that our children has some basic emergency tools at their disposal will calm nervous parents, as well as help acclimate children to the idea of being prepared before an emergency arises.

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How To Find Hope in Hopeless Situations

Part of being preparedness-minded is keeping up with current events in order to be ready for anything. This means we are bombarded with bad news nearly every day. Unfortunately, this can cause our views on life to be quite bleak. Sometimes being informed makes it easy to slip into feelings of despair. And when bad times do invade our lives, it can be hard to hold on to hope.


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