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Keep Your Kitchen Like Julia Child

There’s a lot to learn from how Child arranged her own personal kitchen and how to bring out the master chef in your humble household.

Maybe you remember watching Julia Child cook in her television kitchen. She would always be positioned behind an island, surrounded by hanging rows of gorgeous pots and pans, cooking the most intricate and amazing dishes.  But Child’s home kitchen was a little bit different than the glamorous sets from her many television shows.

There’s a lot to learn from how Child arranged her own personal kitchen and how to bring out the master chef in your humble household.

  • Customize it: Besides cooking (and her voice) Julia Child might be best remembered for her size. She was over 6 feet tall and had her kitchen counters raised two inches to meet her height. That may feel extravagant for those of us who aren’t celebrity chefs, but the lesson can be taken to heart. My grandma said a good kitchen has everything “at arm’s length”–this could mean adding a step stool or shifting your most frequently used items to the front of your cabinets. A memory foam mat underfoot also does wonders while you prep and helps to keep back pain at bay.
  • Dress like Julia: Mrs. Child always looked her best, but in almost every cooking show she was wearing an apron: an essential tool for all serious chefs. Having an apron on hand will protect your clothing and if you are dressed to the 9’s like Julia usually was, you will want a barrier to protect your clothes when simmering all of those amazing sauces.
  • Buy gadgets you like—and forget about the rest: Julia Child was fond of most kitchen gadgets and an early adopter for nearly every kind of appliance she could get her hands on. But she acknowledged that not everyone has such an affinity for kitchen gear. She said that you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy the latest technological breakthrough in kitchen gear just because it’s available. Sometimes a set of good knives will outdo any combination of newfangled equipment. Stick with what you like and ignore the rest.
  • Make a bookshelf a priority: Books don’t only belong in the library or at your bedside–Julia always had an area in her kitchen for her recipe books. Set aside a cabinet or drawer for yours, or at least some counter space where you can keep your favorites.
  • The table is an extension of the kitchen: Cooking requires a lot of standing, but Julia would often sit at her kitchen table to do some of her prep work. She used a simple tablecloth and would take breaks to prepare or taste food as she went along. The table is also a great place for companionship—invite friends to sit and enjoy a cocktail and conversation while you cook.
  • Clean with lemon when you can: Child often used lemon to clean knives between various parts of her prep work. Lemon can also be used to clean counters and glass surfaces as well (be sure to use an appropriate disinfectant if you are handling uncooked meat or raw eggs).

What are some trick or tips you use to make your kitchen superstar chef-worthy?

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on September 3rd, 2016

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