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What You Need to Know About Herbal Tinctures and How to Use Them

If you are looking for an easy way to reap the benefits of medicinal plants, take a look at herbal tinctures.

The use of plants for healing purposes goes back centuries and forms the origin of much of modern medicine. While natural remedies have always widely been in use, their popularity is increasing as people seek safer, more gentle alternatives to pharmaceutical medications.

If you are looking for an easy way to reap the benefits of medicinal plants, take a look at herbal tinctures.

What are herbal tinctures?

A tincture is a concentrated liquid herbal extract made from herbs that are taken orally.

Tinctures are typically made by soaking herbs in alcohol for several weeks to extract the active components (phytochemicals) of the plants. After a few weeks, the herbal mixture is strained and the herb parts are removed, leaving behind the concentrated liquid. Alcohol is used because it is an excellent food-grade solvent and can extract herbal constituents (such as resins and alkaloids) that are poorly soluble in water. Another benefit of using alcohol as a solvent is that it is an excellent preservative that retains the freshness and potency of medicinal plants and greatly increases the shelf life of the tincture. Don’t worry – you won’t get intoxicated from the alcohol in tinctures.

Fresh or dried leaves, roots, bark, flowers, and berries may be used to make tinctures. They can be made from a single plant or a combination of plants.

How do herbal tinctures work?

Tinctures bypass the need to digest entire herbs in the gut and are easily absorbed by the body. Because they are concentrated, dosages are small and can be diluted in your favorite beverage.

They are commonly made with the same plants as herbal teas, but tinctures are much stronger – a dropper of tincture is more potent than a cup of steeped tea. In fact, you can add Ready Nutrition tinctures to tea if you’d like.

Tinctures have a milder, more subtle effect than pharmaceutical drugs, so it is important to have realistic expectations if you are using them for a chronic condition. Some tinctures DO provide rapid relief of symptoms, but most do not offer a quick fix.

Some experimentation with dosages and frequency might be necessary to figure out what works best for you. Natural medicines like tinctures can be very effective and do have a long history of successful use, so be patient and consistent, and remember to make additional lifestyle changes to support good health and healing as well.

Here’s how to use herbal tinctures.

Tinctures can be taken straight or mixed with hot tea, water, or another beverage you enjoy. When mixed with hot tea, some of the alcohol content is “burned off” (without impacting the effectiveness of the herbs), which some people find more palatable.

Some herbalists recommend taking tinctures on an empty stomach, but that isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. While some natural remedies (like CBD oils) are often taken sublingually (drops are placed under the tongue), herbalists generally don’t recommend taking tinctures that way because the alcohol may cause an unpleasant burning sensation.

Tincture bottles come with a dropper you can use to measure your dosage and drop it into your tea or beverage of choice.

There’s a wide range of health concerns that tinctures can help manage.

Remember that with natural remedies, more isn’t always better. Follow the suggested dosage guidelines on your bottle’s label. If you have questions about which dosage is right for you, seek guidance from a trained professional.

Ready Nutrition is proud to offer the following high-quality organic tinctures.

California Chill: This tincture is made with California Poppy (Eschscholizia Californica), a non-narcotic natural sedative that is non-addictive and not habit forming. Safely relieve nervous tension, occasional anxiety, irritability, racing thoughts, and restless behavior caused by everyday stress.

Lomatium Root Organic Herbal Tincture for Cold & Flu Season: Stimulates the body’s own natural defenses to support healthy immune system response. This tincture can be taken daily during cold and flu season to support immune system function and protect the body during periods of heightened stress.

Woman’s Formula Organic Herbal Tincture: This proprietary blend is made using a combination of plant-derived medicines that gently relieve hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, periodic mood swings, and daytime fatigue.

Black Currant Organic Herbal Tincture for Joint Inflammation & Joint Pain: This formula activates the body’s own natural defenses to reduce inflammation in the body. Relieve inflammation that causes painful, swollen joints and promote greater joint health and joint mobility.

St. John’s Wort Organic Herbal Tincture for Mood Balance & Positive Outlook: This tincture is a neurotransmitter modulator that increases serotonin levels in the brain through a process called natural reuptake inhibition. Boost mood, promote a positive mood balance, improve day-to-day outlook, and increase daytime energy levels.

Corydalis Organic Herbal Tincture for Gentle Temporary Pain Relief: Stimulates immune system function and activates the body’s own natural defenses to reduce inflammation and temporarily relieve pain. Alleviate minor body ache, muscle strain, and tension headache w/ plant-derived medicine.

Valerian Root Organic Herbal Tincture for Total Body Deep Relaxation: This tincture is made using one of the most powerful plant-based sedatives that nature has to offer. Relieve occasional anxiety or panic attack, restless behavior, racing thoughts, nervous stomach, trouble sleeping, headache, and muscle spasms.

Damiana Organic Herbal Tincture Female Aphrodisiac for Sex Drive: Strengthens and tones the female reproductive system, promotes healthy female sex hormone levels, boosts sex drive, and increases sexual appetite.

Saw Palmetto Organic Herbal Tincture: Supports men’s sexual health w/ clinically proven plant-derived medicines. Strengthen and tone the male reproductive system, promote healthy levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, and improve sex drive naturally.

Passion Flower Organic Herbal Tincture: This is a neurotransmitter modulator that acts on GABA-B receptor sites to slow down central nervous system activity, producing sedative effects. Relieve nervousness, nervous tension, occasional anxiety, restless or racing thoughts, hypervigilance, and trouble relaxing during the day.

Prostate Power Organic Herbal Tincture: This tincture is made using a combination of plant-derived medicines that support prostate and urinary tract health. Relieve difficult urination due to enlargement of the prostate gland caused by age-related conditions in healthy men.

Rapid Detoxifier Organic Herbal Tincture for Fast-Acting Hangover Headache & Migraine Relief: helps the body to quickly rid itself of toxins by stimulating the liver and digestive tract. Relieve hangover headache or migraine, dizziness, nausea, stomach irritation, indigestion, or vomiting caused by an excess of toxins in the body.

Stress Relief w/ Arctic Root: is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the body — inside and out — so you are always ready to face everyday stress with your best foot forward. Stimulate immune system function to shorten physical and mental recovery periods, support a healthy neurotransmitter balance to improve mood, and boost cognitive functions like mental sharpness and memory so you get more done in less time.

Be well!



If you are looking for an easy way to reap the benefits of medicinal plants, take a look at herbal tinctures. #ReadyNutrition

*This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or ailment. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the creation or use of herbal tinctures. A person should speak to their doctor before using a tincture or any other herbal supplement, especially if they take medications.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on April 24th, 2019