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15 Items That Should Be In Your Vehicle During the Winter

[1]Winter brings about erratic weather patterns and chances are that we may be caught in them while we are driving. Blizzards, black ice, and whiteout conditions [2] are just a few of dangers of driving during winter.

Emergencies typically come when we least expect them, and preparing for them is the best way to ensure your safety.

Having an emergency kit in our vehicles [3] is a beginning protocol to vehicle preparedness but during times of extreme weather, you need to go a step further.

Prepare for being stranded during winter conditions and have items in your car to reflect that. One way to ensure that you have preparations for all bouts of extreme weather is it change items in your kit to reflect the seasonal changes. Those that live in northern climates will find themselves dealing with winter-related issues with their vehicles more so than in southern climates, but we should all prepare for emergencies in our vehicles.

Some of these supplies may save your life.

  1. Collapsible shovel [4]
  2. Windshield scraper and small broom [5]
  3. Flashlight [6]
  4. Battery powered radio with extra batteries
  5. Food and water for 3 days
  6. Extra winter layers – hats, socks, and mittens
  7. First aid kit [7] with pocket knife
  8. Any necessary medications
  9. Blanket(s) and/or bivvy bags [8]
  10. Tow chain or paracord [9]
  11. Road salt  [10]
  12. Booster cables [11]
  13. Emergency flares [12]
  14. Fluorescent distress flag, brightly colored rag, or ribbon
  15. Snow chains [13]

We depend on our vehicles to safely get us to our destinations, but we must take care of the engine and other components of the care in order for it to work when we need it to. That said, before the winter sets in, use these tips to check your vehicle [14] to ensure it is primed to withstand the bouts of cold weather. This will ensure that when winter comes around your car will be ready.

What are some items that you have in your vehicle for winter conditions?


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Winter brings about erratic weather patterns and chances are that we may be caught in them while we are driving. Having an emergency kit in our vehicles will help to ensure our basic needs are met.