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Essential Emergency Preps: Thermo-lite 2.0 Bivvy Bag

While on a recent camping trip I had to forgo my ususal sleeping bag and use an emergency bivvy sack. Read my personal performance review on this product and why the thermo-lite bivvy sac is a must for your reserve supplies.


When I take my children camping, I use my survival gear as much as I can to see what items are good and what I need to stock up.  While on a camping trip this weekend, my child spilled a drink on his sleeping bag right before he went to sleep.  Although the night time temperatures were going to be in the lower 50’s, he would have had a hard time sleeping.  So I did what every mother would do, I gave up my sleeping bag.  I was not overly concerned about hypothermia with the temperatures being what they were, but I did try to conserve as much body heat as possible by layering my clothing.  I also had some light blankets that I used to try to maintain my body heat, but there were gaps in the blankets and cold air kept getting through. I finally grabbed for my thermo-lite bivvy.  After sealing up the bivvy, I immediately started conserving my body heat and stayed warm all night.

This essential prep can be used as an emergency shelter, sleeping bag or can be an extra layer added to your existing sleeping bag if you are expecting a cold night.  The thermo-lite bivvy reflects 80% of your body heat and the fabric used to make this product is both waterproof and windproof.  It is made of vacuum-metalized polyethylene, and is surprisingly durable.  It is also lightweight and is reasonably priced.  To be true to my review of this product, the only complaint that I had was that it made some noise when you moved.  However, my main priority at the time was to stay warm, and this bivvy sack was outstanding in that department.

This prep is considered  ultralight at 6.9 ounces, and is a great back up that could also be added to your 72 hour kits or your vehicle-72 hour supplies.  Other product reviews have complained of a build up of condensation when users tried them.  I did notice I had some light moisture when I got out of the bivvy, but it was not extreme condensation that made me overly cold.  If I did not have this bivvy sac on hand, I would have had a long, miserable and cold night.

As preppers, we want to have back ups for our back ups so that all of our needs are met.  And having a back up for your sleeping bag is essential.  I highly recommend this product and hope that you all invest in some sort of an emergency sleeping bag for your reserve supplies.  Because you never know when you or a family member will need an emergency sleeping bag.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 16th, 2011

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