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Post-Collapse Food Will Probably Make You Sick. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Post-Collapse Food Will Probably Make You Sick.

3,000 die each year from foodborne-related diseases. Get the low down on how to prevent these nasty critters from making a home in your gut, as well as, various pharmaceutical and naturopathic measures for dealing with the foodborne illnesses.

Survival Medicine: New Wound-Closure Method That Could Replace Stitches

Survival Medicine: New Wound-Closure Could Replace Stitches

In a world without medical facilities, open wounds can invite serious, life threatening infections. To the untrained eye, it could cause death. A new invaluable and less invasive medical tool could be the answer to safer and improved wound closure.

Building Your SHTF Gunshot Survival Kit

Building Your SHTF Gunshot Survival Kit

The potential for a violent event in your personal life in the near future is very real. Accept this fact, prepare, and continue to live confidently in the knowledge that if the worst happens, you did everything you could to be ready for it.

Biological Warfare: Protecting Yourself Against Mankind’s Deadliest Weaponized Diseases (Part 3)

Bio Warfare: Mankind's Deadliest Weaponized Diseases

Part 3 in the Biological Warfare series discuss the illnesses that are the worst of all those that plague man and are perfectly geared for use in bio-warfare for a number of reasons besides virility and lethality.

Study: Contagious Norovirus Spreads From Dog To Owner

Study: Contagious Norovirus Spreads From Dog To Owner

With the canine flu epidemic wreaking havoc on dogs across the country, many are comforted in knowing that the contagious virus cannot be passed to humans. However, with this heightened concern, dog owners are paying particular attention to the fact that some horrific flu-like illness can be transferred from dog to owner.

Biological Warfare 101: Knowledge and Preparation are your Keys to Survive

Biological Warfare 101: The Basic Keys to Survive

There are nations that actively pursue biological weapons programs (albeit they declare that’s not the case). The government declares these threats to be ever-present (generating a climate of fear) and must be ever guarded against (that’s where big daddy government comes in). We are going to concentrate on the greater probable domestic threat: an authoritarian government running wild.

Wilderness Survival: Preventative Measures and Off Grid Treatment for Deadly Bugs

Wilderness Survival: Off Grid Treatment for Deadly Bugs

As the weather warms up and people begin to venture outdoors once more, they will be more susceptible to being bitten. Knowing the dangers that of ectoparasites and the diseases they carry will help take more preventative steps. This article will touch on wilderness-acquired diseases from insects, as well as provide information on treatments needed for them, along with the holistic approach where applicable.

Defeating Death: A True Survival Saga

Defeating Death: A True Survival Saga

It all seemed perfect at first. A weekend getaway at a secluded cabin in Louisiana. Then, things took a turn for the worse. Read more about how a couple survived death by drowning, hypothermia, alligators, and dangers of the swamp.

Ebola and HFV’s: Herbs to Use or Not to Use

Ebola and HFV’s: Herbs to Use or Not to Use

An Australian Biology teacher, Stephen Jones performed research that can be found in The Health Gazette, entitled “Natural Antivirals” with a comprehensive list of what herbs to use and which ones to avoid.

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