25 Must Have Survival Foods: Put Them In Your Pantry Now

I based an entire cookbook around these 25 popular pantry items because they are low cost, versatile, have long shelf lives and do not require refrigeration. Stock up on these today before the next emergency hits.

Vacuum Sealing for Long-Term Food Storage

We know that food cannot stay fresh forever, but with the right tools, we can most certainly prolong it. Vacuum sealing your food is an economical way to save money, prolong your food pantry and maintain a varied diet.

The Skinny: 6 Everyday Uses for Dry Milk

Powdered milk is a prepper must-have! It’s versatility and nutritional value alone are worth it’s weight in gold. Learn tips on preparation, storage and valuable recipes to add to your emergency binder!

5 (More) Foods That Last Forever

When planning and storing food for emergencies or survival situations, incorporating foods that will last forever (or at least longer than you will) could help boost your emergency supplies and your bartering power. If stored properly these five foods will last forever, and many of them have several uses beyond human consumption that could give you a hand up should the SHTF!

Homemade MREs

Making your own emergency meals is a convenient way to store a balanced amount of shelf stable foods for a rainy day.

Beefing Up Your Prepper Pantry with Jerky

With meat prices steadily increasing at the grocery store, many are turning to purchasing bulk beef to save their budgets, and at the same time, bulk up their pantries for rainy days. This quick guide will teach you everything you need to know about making beef jerky and storing it for later use.

Food Prepping: Why You Should Store Wheat And How To Use It

Although wheat is the cornerstone of a prepper’s food storage, many don’t understand why they should have a bunch on hand, or even how to use it if the SHTF. It certainly feels like every single preparedness author out there recommends the storage of hundreds of pounds of wheat, but why? And what can you use it for?

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20 Perishable Foods You Can Freeze For Later

You likely already keep a supply of basics like vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and grains in your freezer. However, there some items that can be frozen that might surprise you.

Food Storage: Getting Started

Starting a supply of food does not have to be a budget breaker.  Think like a squirrel gathering a little bit at a time.  Start with a short term supply and then compliment that with a longer term supply of food. Comparative shopping at the large volume supermarkets...


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