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Five Products You Probably Didn’t Know Were Toxic

When you live in a society where so many things contain carcinogenic materials, you’ll find that you can’t keep track of them all.

dental flossIf you’ve been following any sort of health news lately, you probably already know that many of the products in our homes are downright toxic. We’ve built a society that prizes affordability and convenience over health, and it’s taking its toll. Many of the chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis wouldn’t be so harmful by themselves, or in the doses that we’re exposed to, but when just about every product gives off some kind of toxin, it starts to add up after a while.

And when you live in a society where so many things contain carcinogenic materials, you’ll find that you can’t keep track of them all. There’s bound to be something you overlooked, or isn’t publicized. In that vein, here are five toxic products that you probably weren’t aware of.

Pizza Boxes

If you’re ordering out for dinner, you’re probably not expecting a healthy meal. However, if you’re ordering pizza, you may be getting a little more than you were expecting. There is a class of chemicals that can be found in most pizza boxes called PFAS’s. The boxes are saturated in these chemicals to keep the grease from making them soggy. You can usually find it on any waxy material that accompanies cheap food.

While the current PFAS’s are supposedly safe, a statement signed by 200 scientists from around the world expressed concern over the chemicals. The previous PFAS’s that were used were so dangerous that DuPont stopped using them in their Teflon, and some scientists believe they may be just as dangerous as their predecessors. Speaking of Teflon…

Dental Floss

Your tiny roll of dental floss isn’t so innocent. There’s a reason why you can’t just floss your teeth with sewing thread. Normal materials would catch and tear on your teeth. That’s why floss is coated with a kind of Teflon, which contains chemicals that are known to cause multiple forms of cancer. In addition, most floss brands are made with petroleum products. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that don’t contain these chemicals.


Don’t worry. I’m not referring to all supplements. Just the cheap brands that you typically find in the grocery store. Many of these (often Chinese made) supplements are basically scams, and are often loaded with fillers instead of the real deal. They’re also known to contain toxic chemicals and ingredients derived from GMO’s, and many of these ingredients are not listed on the bottle. You should always do some research on your supplements before you buy them, and take a closer look at the ingredients and country of origin.


It would be safe to assume that scented candles probably give off toxic chemicals. Since most aromas and perfumes aren’t for human consumption, their toxicity is usually ignored by regulatory bodies. Which is unfortunate because obviously, burning these chemicals probably isn’t a smart thing to do. Even the most innocent of chemicals can turn into multiple carcinogenic compounds when burned.

But that doesn’t mean unscented candles are off the hook. Most candles are made from paraffin wax, which is basically a petroleum byproduct that is derived from the excess sludge of refined crude oil. And if your candles are made in China, there’s a good chance that the wicks contain lead. The next time you burn a candle, take note of the black soot that often lines the rim of the glass. That stuff is also going into your lungs. If you’re looking for an alternative, I’d suggest candles that are made from either beeswax or soy, both of which will also burn much longer than paraffin.


It’s surprising that this one hasn’t had very much press in recent years. Usually, the threat of toxic chemicals being exposed to our children will cause a significant outcry. For whatever reason, this hasn’t happened with diapers, even though most disposable diapers have some pretty nasty ingredients.

Diapers are saturated in dyes, fragrances, and dioxins, among many others chemicals, and all of which can be toxic. In fact, the colorful cartoons found on many diapers are widely believed to cause rashes. While there doesn’t seem to be any diaper brand that has eliminated all of these toxins, Bambo Nature is considered to be one of the best natural diapers. And if you’re not too squeamish, there’s always the reusable kind.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 23rd, 2015

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