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Grow Against the System

Many may not be aware of a food revolution slowly growing in popularity around the nation. There are some people who feel that our food is under attack by large agriculture corporations. This revolution is advocating people to take back control over their food sources and begin teaching the next generation more self reliant practices. Rather than thinking as a group, teach the next generation to think as an individual.

There are some people who feel that our food is under attack by large agriculture corporations.  These corporations primary objective is to monopolize the food market, as well as promote the use of chemical fertilizers that, over a length of time have been shown to cause cancer and other serious health related issues.  Then, there are the farmers who are fighting back.  Many of these rogue farmers have gone all organic to create a pure product for distribution.  The organic farmers have to pay exorbitant fees and taxes to create the organic produce, but it is worth it to them.  They are essentially, growing against the system.

Many may not be aware of a food revolution slowly growing in popularity around the nation.  This revolution is advocating people to take back control over their food sources.  They suggest we even go as far as growing it ourselves to understand not only the process and learning as essential skill, but feel the pride of growing your own food.  Those who are trying to become more sustainable in their lives have created micro farms to begin growing their own food.

Similar to the micro farm movement,  the food revolution, stresses teaching individuals self reliant practices.  In addition, they suggest getting the children involved in the process so they can understand that food is in fact, not from a can or from the grocery store itself.  Growing produce is a complex system that requires lots of time and effort to develop a product.  Getting children involved in this process, gets them away from the television, gets their hands dirty and gets their minds working.

According to those at the Food Freedom Revolution, they believe, “our children AND our food system determine our future.  This statement is very serious and is KEY to the survival of our freedoms.  Let’s give our children real purpose in life and teach them things that will provide them with the skills of self reliance.  Our current school system is training the children (workforce) to be dependent on a system that wants to control them.  Let’s demand and develop more educational programs for children, which teach respect for nature but that also teaches self reliance.  We are all too compartmentalized and dependent on the system.  We need a broader range of skills…

Over the years, this author has heard multiple teachers express concern over the fact that many parents expect the teachers to parent the child.  What a scary concept allowing a stranger whose entire motivation is to get the child to think as a group and not as an individual.  We, as parents share a similar dream of our children growing up to think for themselves, to stand up for those who are being oppressed, to be able to take care of themselves and their future families.  The schools are not going to teach this – that rests in the parents hands.  Knowing that there are people out there willing to spend the extra time to get the word out to make a difference is refreshing.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on October 5th, 2010

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