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The Survival Mom Preps For the Seasons

Lisa Bedford, otherwise known as the Survival Mom gave a webinar last night to help preppers get ready for seasonal prepping. Her book suggestions and preparedness tips that were provided were insightful and original. Here are a few highlights of the webinar.

The Survival Mom, gave a free preparedness webinar last night  that gave off an ambiance of a group of like-minded friends sitting around and discussing the importance of  preparations during the Autumn months.  Her live chat that was provided was a nice addition to the webinar.  By having this feature, the group shared information, tips and ideas amongst one another while Lisa was sharing her insights on prepping.  With her winning smile and excellent information, the Survival Mom provided great tips, book suggestions and resources to look at to get better prepared.

Gardening was a highlighted topic of discussion last night, where the group admitted their successes (and failures) with gardening.  Tips were provided on how to improve gardens in the future.

Some of the highlighted book suggestions were geared towards how to gently prepare kids for emergency situations without scaring them.  This can be acheived by using books as a medium.  She also discussed how to integrate “preparedness geared”  physical activities for them to help develop their  necessary survival skills.  This topic is seldom discussed in prepping circles, but an important one nonetheless.  If an unforeseen disaster were to occur, children who are  prepared for survival (mentally and physically) will adapt more quickly  than a child who has not been prepared.

And because emergencies can occur at any time,  Lisa also discussed the importance of having a well prepared emergency vehicle bag with emergency items, as well as clothes and shoes for all the family members.  You never know when you will have to walk back home, and having the proper walking attire is a must!

The hour went fast, but it was a great experience and I had a great time.  I hope that she does it again soon.  Thanks again Lisa for all that you do.  For more information on Lisa’s monthly free webinars, go to the Survival Mom’s website to check out the schedule.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on September 14th, 2010

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