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The Ultimate 30-Minute Travel Workout

Traveling businesspeople and salesmen are not immune to needing physical training too. Here’s a great workout you can do while you are away on business.

We should never underestimate or neglect the importance of physical training in your life.  This piece is for those of you who travel frequently during the week…overnighters or for a few days, at a distance not too far.  More than 15 million people do this per week.

Truck drivers are self-sufficient folks; however, this article is for them, too.  Businessmen and those who make commutes of about a hundred miles or so with a one to two-day layover by vehicle may benefit from this piece.  What we’re talking about is toting some of your weights with you, in your vehicle.  Dumbbells are what I’m referring to here, with a “short-term” workout you may find to your benefit.  Traveling businesspeople and salesmen are not immune to needing physical training, so this may help them, too.

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Weights!

There are many motels and hotels that we are obliged to stay in, whether directed by our firms (and paid for) or paid out-of-pocket…budget “rest stops” to cut down on the costs.  Most of the time these places do not have weight room facilities or perks: they’re just a room with a roof over your head.  Take a set of dumbbells with you in the trunk of your vehicle and give yourself a workout in the morning.

 Let’s suggest some exercises for you:

Biceps and Triceps Day

  1. Alternating Curl –  3-5 Sets/8 Reps
  2. Triceps Extensions – 3-5 Sets/8 Reps
  3. Wrist Rolls –  3 Sets/20 Reps
  4. Radial Curls – 3 Sets/8 Reps

Chest and Shoulders Day

  1. Dumbbell Bench Press – 3-5 Sets/8 Reps
  2. Dumbbell Military Press – 3 Sets/8 Reps
  3. Shoulder Shrugs – 3 Sets/8 Reps

Lower Body

  1. Abs (Right, Left, Center) – 3 sets of 10 reps (beginners)
  2. Wall Squats (with or without weights in your lap) – 3 sets: 30 to 1 min for beginners
  3. Flutter Kicks – 3 sets of 10 (8-count), with 30 to 1:00 min rest between

These are some good starters for you.  Best advice if you’re just beginning: pick yourself up a good manual on how to lift weights, accompanied by one on diet and nutrition.  Check with your certified, friendly, pencil-armed, family physician when he’s back from shooting 18 holes prior to any exercise program or acting on this information.  T

The point to make is that there are a ton of different systems to pick up that will meet your needs.  For the ladies, I found a system…a set of dumbbells (the Pro-Form Select-a-Weight system) and the dumbbells go up to 25 lbs., but they are interchangeable in increments of 2.5 lbs. and all you have to do is set it to what you want and lift the weights.  Easily placed into your vehicle.

Here’s a picture:

For men, the systems are a little more expensive, if you want this modular type of setup.  I found the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells that go up to 52 lbs., at various prices.

Here’s a photo of it:


The advantage here with these modular systems would be the speed and simplicity of changing plates, as well as not needing to have weights shift all over the place when you’re traveling.  If you don’t like either of them, you can always pick up a set of dumbbells with plates that are removable the conventional way.  Tailor your system for your ability to lift, and pack them in your vehicle.  Simple.  Also: you may want to throw in a sit-up bar that clips to the bottom of a door, and a chin-up bar that can be set into a doorframe to widen your scope of activities.

You want to stay in shape even when you’re traveling, and tailor-make a program to fit with your routine of work and rest.  A set of dumbbells can give you a portable weight set to use in the privacy of your room that is easily packed up for when you need to hit the road again.  Stay in that good fight and fight it to win.  We welcome hearing your routines and techniques you’ve learned that can help everyone else out, so please write us a comment.  JJ out!

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on February 24th, 2018

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