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Urban Defense Planning for the Home

As the economic system continues to break down, an increase of crime, looting and kidnapping will be seen in more of the so-called “safer neighborhoods.” These criminals will be well organized, cunning and willing to do whatever it takes to get into a home. Designing a home defense system to evade possible criminals is your only way to protect your home, your family and your belongings as well as alert you to anyone trying to break in.

“As much as I would like to believe that order and decency will prevail in a crisis, I’m afraid the reality is that the thin veneer of humanity may crack under pressure.  I hope that the worst never happens, but if it should, you need to be prepared to protect yourself, your family, and your supplies.  As I see it, the biggest threat from your fellow man will be from home invasions and looting.”

Quote from How to Survive The End of The World as We Know It

As the economic system continues to break down, an increase of crime, looting and kidnapping will be seen in more of the so-called “safer neighborhoods.” In a worst case scenario, such as a societal breakdown, these criminals will be well organized, cunning and willing to do whatever it takes to get into a home. Due to the poor architectural designs of homes these days (glass doors, sliding glass doors and easy entry from streets and highways), homes are now more vulnerable than ever to break ins. If a home is set in an urban location, home invaders can easily break into a home using simple items found outside the home. Items such as bricks, paving stones, and lawn furniture can easily be used to create an opening. Further, if doors or locks are not reinforced, they can easily be kicked in.  Intruders could also use a variety of ruses and disguises to trick you to open the door.  Intrusions will typically be during the day when you and most of the neighbors are at work. If you happen to be home, criminals can be cunning and prey on those who are ill-equipped to handle a home invasion.  A person must always be alert and cautious when opening a door to a stranger. The following scenarios can easily be created to get you to open the door: 

  • They will use disguises of uniforms to get you to open the door.  They may even have a convincing looking delivery vehicle to further try to convice someone.
  • Act as if they need your help (This can be anything from begging for food, needing to use a phone or needing help with car problems).

Securing Your Home

Designing an outter defense  system from the home to evade possible criminals is your first line of defense when protecting your home, your family and your belongings. Although many survival experts highly recommend having a home in a remote location, some people are not able to do so. Walk around your home and distinguish what the vantage points, and vulnerable areas are.  Make necessary changes and home adjustments to “lock down” a home more thoroughly.  In the book,  How to Survive The End of The World as we Know It, the author, James Wesley, Rawles lists some examples on how to have a defensible advantage from criminals.  Although, this article lists some of these examples, it is highly recommended that you read the book.

  • Reinforced doors and locks.
  • Barred windows or European-style security/storm shutters.
  • Place thorny bushes around windows.
  • Intrusion detection systems.
  • Position web cams strategically in hidden areas.  Place the computer that is monitoring the locations in a hidden spot so the criminals do not walk off with the computer.
  • Create a barrier from approaching vehicles.
  • Put a peep hole in the door.
  • Add a bolt and chain to the door.
  • Guard dogs
  • Infrared (IR) floodlights to illuminate the property (These can be motion-sensor activated).
  • Fence the entire property, if it is not done so already.
  • A gate at the front of the driveway that has spikes at the top to prevent someone from jumping over the fence.
  • Extra fire hydrants in the case that the invaders try to burn you out of your home.
  • Create a safe room or vault to where a family can go to evade their attackers.
  • Create a neighborhood watch.

What If a Criminal Is In Your House

A home invasion can happen suddenly and catch someone off guard.  If the home is not fully protected an invasion can take no time at all to happen. 


Arsenal to use on invaders

If a home is not defensible and a person comes into a home, then they will stop at nothing to get what they want.  This includes stealing property, rape, terrorizing and death.  In a worst case scenario, a person must fight and defend or they will end up dead.  Although it is advisable to have a gun in the home, some do not agree.  There are other weapons that can be used to defend yourself:

  • Pepper spray
  • Fire hydrant
  • Hot coffee
  • Lamps
  • Metal baseball bat
  • Salt in the eyes
  • Butcher knife
  • A small dog thrown at the invader will distract them enough to where a person can attack.

Do not take home defense lightly.  The prominent areas will no longer be as safe as they once were.  In fact, they will probably be the first areas hit by mass crime.  If you plan to stay in the area, take precautions now and prepare because sooner or later the crime will come.

This article is intended to inform on possible home invasion scenarios and is further advised that each person has a choice on what type of defensive measures they want for their home. 

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on January 21st, 2010

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