6 Non-Lethal Weapons to Carry Instead of a Gun

Many of you have heard the saying, “Your freedom ends where mine begins.” A majority of us prefer to live in a peaceful, non-threatening lifestyle. That said, there might come a time when you will need to defend yourself. Self-defense can range from having a small defense weapon such as a tactical pen in your pocket to concealing a firearm for safety. For those who feel strongly about using non-lethal defense, consider the 5 following non-lethal alternatives.

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6 Non-Lethal Ways to Protect Yourself

While it is important to know how to defend yourself, it is equally important to remember not to make yourself a target, always engage in being aware of your surroundings, avoiding dangerous circumstances and be ready to act at a moment’s notice. To said, there may come a time where you will find yourself in a serious situation and self-defense is the only recourse. The following items are ideal to carry in a purse and should be easily accessible at all times. Check with your state laws to make sure you can carry these items freely.

  1. A quick, convenient method for protection is carrying pepper spray. The small size makes it ideal for walkers and joggers and you can’t really find a more simple method of protecting yourself. Even children and the elderly should have no problem simply pointing and pulling the trigger. Assailants will immediately experience temporary blindness, have difficulty breathing and go into severe distress. Brands like this one have a non-abrasive sleeve that stretches to fit your palm and a formula that delivers a stream with minimal blowback on the person doing the spraying.

  1. To take pepper spray to an even greater level, you might be interested in a pepper spray gun. The concept is the same as the hand-held variety, but a pepper spray gun is shaped like a traditional handgun and it is filled with several rounds of spray to create a chemical cloud. This allows you to be 10 times the safe distance (150+ feet versus 6-10 feet) away from danger while still being incredibly effective. Rounds on a pepper spray gun are powered by a CO2 cylinder, which is activated when a trigger is pulled. In addition, pepper spray guns have a kinetic impact with a round traveling approximately 320 feet per second (the equivalent of getting kit with a 50 mph fastball). Be sure to check the laws in your state, as pepper spray guns are not legal everywhere.

  1. A stun gun is another non-lethal method of defense you might want to consider. This one is small and attaches to your car keys to protect you when you are in vulnerable situations (such as a parking garage late at night). Stun guns use high electrical voltage to stun attackers, but because the amperage is low, no permanent damage is caused. Most are powered by regular 9-volt batteries and are usually the size of a small flashlight or smaller.

  1. self-defense keychain is a small, portable stick that is highly effective at channeling the force of a blow and causing pain or shock to the attacker (it’s something similar to brass knuckles in that it strengthens your force). It may not be the ideal tool if you are uncertain or unwilling to hit someone and it potentially requires more skill than mace or a stun gun. Still, it’s affordable, discreet, and can be used in close quarters if necessary and unlike mace it will never expire or malfunction.

  1. Tactical Handcuffs can come in handy if an assailant can be confined or detained by surprise. These can be especially helpful in situations of theft or assault where you are certain no weapons are involved. If you want to press charges for something such as vandalism or trespassing and you are waiting for police to arrive, you might want to consider using these. *Remember that in most circumstances, your best bet is to get out of harm’s way before resorting to the use of handcuffs.
  2. Kuba Kickz are the only non-lethal self defense tool available for your shoes and will deliver a strong “don’t mess with me” message. If you are strong on self-defense basics, these covert and lightweight weapons will be a great addition to your everyday carry items.

Knowing How to Defend Yourself is the Last Line of Defense

I am a large advocate for having security layers in place to prevent criminals from making your home their next mark. These items listed above are ones that you can carry and help you when you are out and about. Above all, know that self-defense is your absolute last line of defense and it’s important for you to know how to handle the situation. If you’re caught without any of the above non-lethal implements, it’s important for you to know (at the very least) a few basic self-defense moves. Here are a few articles on the subject.

In a split second anything can become a weapon when you need to defend yourself. Here are some great ideas for finding items in your home to use for self-defense. What kinds of non-lethal self defense items do you have to protect yourself with?

Pamela Bofferding is a native Texan who now lives with her husband and sons in New York City. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing with her dogs.

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Originally published October 17th, 2016
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7 Responses to 6 Non-Lethal Weapons to Carry Instead of a Gun

  1. EgbertThrockmorton1 says:

    If one is in. WROL, riot or TEOTWAWKI situation, less than lethal defense aids, may not be the best choice, while they are good to use now as a force continuum, having and using a firearm, is always a better option for personal defense.
    Thank you to the author, for NOT advocating “wasp spray”!

  2. Fifth_Disciple says:

    An expandable baton is an effective weapon if you learn how to use it. Targeting “soft” areas such as the shin, knee, forehead and wrist works well if you learn how to maximize the speed of the tip. It’s also small when collapsed and doesn’t draw as much attention as pepper spray or stabbing tools.

  3. Fred762 says:

    I carry a Glock26 and two spare loaded G17 mags.[yes, they fit a G26] giving me 45 rds of +P+JHP ammo and a couple of large Zip-ties(street cuffs) and a large folding knife. . Nuff for me.

  4. Lethality is determined by application of a tool, not by selection of a tool.
    If more police officers were trained in marksmanship, there’d would be no reason for most of their uses of firearms to be lethal. Having seen big city police officers fail to qualify on the range (by getting the majority of rounds into the core of a silhouette from 7 yards), it is clear that they are taught to aim for the largest target in the hopes that they will hit some part of it.
    The first time I fired my Glock 19, I hit a paper plate with half of the rounds at 7 yards, using a standing Weaver, with a moderate breeze. The plate would have been DOA.

  5. miro says:

    A standard cheap pen. Yes, it will break easily but just a half inch in anywhere on the mugger’s body and he will panic. Combine that with the fact that you’ve studied actual martial arts; not the quicky over night or cinematic kind, but the life-long habit kind. Now you have an attacker who is holding himself and screaming with rage: he’s flat footed and distracted and wide open for your favorite punch, kick, lock, throw, or choke.

  6. Fifth_Disciple says:

    Better the courtroom than the morgue. I don’t advocate attacking anyone without without sufficient provocation to justify the means taken to defend one’s self. I’m confident a jury will consider a gun pointed at me sufficient reason for striking someone on the head. No life threatening force against me and the baton stays in the pocket.

  7. Mike Washburn says:

    Tear Gas Gun? It looks real to me (and I am a gun nut.) No, this squirt gun will get you killed. Learn how to use a firearm but that is a lot of trouble and, for some, is easy to get tired of. My choice for everyday use is a martial arts designed cane. It’s innocuous but effective. Choose a training regimen that is specific for the cane. Study, practice. OBTW it’s pretty good exercise for an older person too.

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