Antibiotics for SHTF Planning

If any of you have purchased antibiotics for your long-term medical supplies, you know these are considered prepper gold. Having this medicine on hand in extended emergencies can help prevent infections or even save a life.

Not All Antibiotics Are Equal

Understanding the differences in antibiotics can help you target the right medicine to work best for the specific medical conditions. Because there are such a wide range of antibiotics, before you buy them do some research on your own or talk with a medical professional to see which antibiotics would be best for you and your family.

Certain antibiotics should not be mixed with other drugs, foods or alcohol. For instance, drinking grapefruit juice with erythromycins or taking erythromycin with theophylline (a drug used for respiratory ailments) can cause fatal heart arrhythmias. There are many other interactions doctors are aware of that the layman does not. Therefore, if you do plan on storing these medications, have a pharmaceutical or drug guide on hand to ensure correct medicines and dosages are given. Used copies of this reference can be purchased at college book stores at a discounted price.

Keep in mind when antibiotics are used to treat an infection, the “good” bacteria in the large intestine may also be destroyed as a result. Consider investing in some probiotics to help restore the microbial balance that is disrupted by antibiotics and infections. Probiotics are usually sold in the vitamin section of most pharmacies or health food stores and can be stored along with your vitamins in your reserve supplies.

It should be emphasized that antibiotics should only be used as a last resort. Given the misuse of these modern day medicines, it is causing a worldwide antibiotic resistance issues. Give your body a chance to fight the infection. If the infection continues, consider using a course of antibiotics.

Please consider the following concerns before purchasing antibiotics:

  • They are not a first line of defense.
  • You could be allergic to certain types of antibiotics and could cause other medical issues.
  • The antibiotics may not work due to being past their expiration, from improper storage, from the wrong dosage administered or from your body building up an immunity.
  • Antibiotics can also exacerbate an issue by destroying the good bacteria in the body. Investing in some probiotics can help restore the good stuff though.

According to the Patiot Nurse, the five most popular types of antibiotics (including their generics) are:

  1. Zithromax – UTIs, URIs, Sepsis (used in an IV), STDs, and ear infections.
  2. Ampicillan – This a more broad spectrum antibiotic to treat skin infections, STDs, Sepsis and ear infections.
  3. Cipro – This antibiotic has a lot of toxicity issues and should be taken sparingly. Can be used for UTIs, infectious diarreah, bone and joint infections.
  4. Amoxicillan – This is a very popular antibiotic used in upper respiratory, ear, nose and throat infections, and teeth abcesses.
  5. Doxycycline – An effective antibiotic used for malaria, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

She also suggests Clindamyacin, Flagyl and Bactrim as some back-ups to the aforementioned.

Fish antibiotics are also becoming popular storage items amongst preppers because no prescription is required to purchase them. It is true many fish antibiotics contain the same active ingredients as those formulated for humans. However, there are few considerations to keep in mind, such as using the correct dosage as to not over medicate yourself, and the differences in human metabolism vs. the metabolism rate of a fish.  Anyone who is planning on storing up fish antibiotics to use needs to do proper research, and it wouldn’t help to discuss your findings with a medical professional.

In an article on Survival Blog, the contributing author, who happens to be a doctor was able to purchase the below fish antibiotics online without any demand for medical license or prescription.  A paraphrase of the article and a list of the drugs are listed below. They are:
•FISH-MOX (amoxicillin 250 mg)
•FISH_MOX FORTE (amoxicillin 500 mg)
•FISH-CILLIN (ampicillin 250 mg)
•FISH-FLEX Keflex 250 mg)
•FISH-FLEX FORTE (Keflex 500 mg)
•FISH-ZOLE (metronidazole 250 mg)
•FISH-PEN (penicillin 250 mg)
•FISH-PEN FORTE (penicillin 500 mg)
•FISH-CYCLINE (tetracycline 250 mg)

NOTE: It should be emphasized FISH-CYCLINE [and other tetracycline antibiotics of various names] can become toxic after its expiration date, unlike most of the other medications listed.

These medications are available usually in plastic bottles of 100 tablets for much less than the same prescription medication at the pharmacy (some come in bottles of 30 tablets). The dosages are similar to that used in humans, and are taken two to four times a day, depending on the drug. The 500mg dosage is probably more effective in larger individuals. Of course, anyone could be allergic to one or another of these antibiotics, but not all of them. (Note there is a 10% cross-reactivity between “-cillin” drugs and Keflex, meaning, if you are allergic to Penicillin, you could also be allergic to Keflex). FISH-ZOLE is an antibiotic that also kills some protozoa that cause dysentery.

Antibiotics are an essential preparedness item to have on hand for extended disasters; however, they should be taken when they are needed the most. Understanding the differences between the different antiobiotic families, knowing the effects they can have on the body as well as knowing which antibiotics would be best for specific medical conditions will help you make the right choice when comes to buying them.

The Prepper's Blueprint

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Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

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Originally published November 30th, 2011
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19 Responses to Antibiotics for SHTF Planning

  1. Dennis says:

    The website indicates that you must have a doctor/vet license to purchase prescription medications from them.  Have you ever purchased antibiotics from them without a prescription?

  2. Grannytraveler says:

    I have purchased many times thru (per Patriot Nurse) and have never needed a form.  The antibiotics are pharmacy grade and their service is very prompt. Just be aware of any and all allergies in your families and do not use antibiotics unless really needed. We do not need any more super bugs out there.  

  3. Veteran Nurse says:

    Get betadine, colloidal silver and aloe vera.  There are so many germs that are not touched by antibiotics and unless you can set up a culture and sensitivity test, you could make things worse and not better. Europe has an E. colli strain that is immune to every know antibiotic. I have personally cured a case of strep throat by gargling with colloidal silver three times a day for three days.  Do some research on silver and aloe vera. You’ll be amazed.

    • Lindsey says:

      we use silver for everything! my daughter knows that if shes not feeling good we try the silver first before we go to the dr. I personally have used it on the abcesses in my teeth. it takes it away quickly usually in three to four days. we also pour it on cuts. another thing that we use is homemade cough medicine- honey lemon and whiskey. and on really horrible chest colds a mustard plaster (1- 1 1/2 cups flour, a tablespoon of ground mustard, and water made into a paste. spread over chest and back and cover with a washcloth. for little ones you only leave on for 10-15 mins. check to make sure they are not getting burned by the mustard. adults anywhere from 20-40 mins checking. rinse off- we just shower and then rub vicks on our lung areas)

  4. doc brown says:

    I’m sitting here in the E R and laughing over this list. First of all zithromax does not touch any UTI’s except for a few std’s. Second amp and amox are very simalar so only pick one amox is better. Third doxycycline covers more infection than reported ,it’s the one i carry in my 72 hr kit. Forth sulfa is a good one to have because of MRSA very bad skin infection. Don’t trust the fish antibiotics find a doc who will give you a preception and get then cheap. by the way tetracycline when it out dates and you take it, it will kill your kidneys I’ve seen it before with the old farmer taking their old combiotic.

  5. Mae says: is another place to buy antibiotics.  And they also have all kinds of farm, horse, pet related items. 

    Both and CaVetSupply are wonderful places to buy medical supplies but you do need to know what you are looking for and what it is to be used for.

    I need a place to buy Insulin.  Not for me, but for friends and relatives.  Does anyone have a Good supply place?

    Thank you and hope this helps.

  6. Debra Bish says:

    Our local Tractor Supply Store sells antibiotics for farm animals.  I buy sulpha & Doxacycline for our animals.  I rarely if ever use them for people but on the very rare occassion when I do I use the dosage for pigs.

  7. Diabetic Medic says:

    There are several legitimate canadian Pharmacies that sell Regular Human Insulin and NPH by Eli Lilly at prices that are very reasonable (about $30 a bottle).  They are Over The Counter and completely legitimate. I use Northwest pharmacy but there are several others.  There is some delay in shipping time.

    • joanofark06 says:

      I’ve listened to so many survival audio books! And some of them talk about how insulin has always got to a certain temp, or can’t be lower (or higher) than a certain temp, or it’s effectiveness dies. Is this how insulin works? I’ve never had anyone or knew anyone that uses it, so I’m curious. They talk about “keeping it cool”?

  8. Diabetic Medic says:

    As an add on. You can buy insulin OTC in the US but it is more than twice as expensive as it is in Canada and its the same exact insulin.

  9. Dr. B says:

    I agree with Diabetic Medic…Insulin is OTC as are the syringes… surprising but true.

  10. If you are looking for antibiotics I have a recommendation to make. I just received my package from It came with 7 different antibiotics and a guide written by a US doctor on how to use these meds if the SHTF. I think there are 30 + courses of antibiotics if you count them all up. Totally worth the $279 price. I sent them a money order, and had my package in the mail in about a week.

  11. Josh LaRue says:

    Great site and Packages based off survival packages where I got all mine is 

  12. Tess says:


    Mustard is a rubefacient, which means it stimulates blood circulation through dilation of the capillaries, which, when applied over the lungs will help open them up and encourage expectoration of mucous that may be trapped. One of the reasons you want to stimulate coughing and moving the phlegm is that it can help prevent infection in the lungs and conditions such as bacterial pneumonia & bronchitis.

    Honey has antibiotic properties and helps to coat the throat, thus alleviating sore throats.

    Whiskey – well, it’s whiskey! It settles the nerves and allows you to sleep which is what your body really needs.

    Hope this helps!


  13. Fleendar the magnificent says:

    As of 1-1-2017, you will need a script to buy ANY animal antibiotic medications.

  14. Garlic garlic garlic garlic garlic raw garlic, cut up raw garlic.. and honey.. works every time!

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