Are Our Children the Next Generation of Zombies?

The zombie apocalypse is a prevalent theme throughout the preparedness community. Many believe zombies will be those unprepared to live through a disaster. Although this could very well be true, zombies are already in our communities and the long lasting effects are already being felt.

Recently, a study has come forth indicating that a rising number of children are unable to perform simple tasks due to the heightened use of iPads and computer devices. Children are losing simple motor development skills such as building blocks because of their exposures to these computer devices. Children as young as 3 years old know how to swipe the surface of an ipad, but have little to no dexterity in their hands.

Experts warn that the growth in the digital era is having a serious effect on children’s social and physical development. One expert notes that “brilliant computer skills” [are] shown by many pupils was “outweighed by their deteriorating skills in pen and paper exams because they rely on instant support of the computer and are often unable to apply what they should have learned from their textbooks”. (Source)

A New Generation of Zombies

We have all witnessed people’s heads buried in their cell phones sitting at a table, or children sitting in front of a television and fighting over using an ipad rather than playing with one another. I have witnessed people sitting at the same table in a restaurant but not speaking with each other because they would rather be on their cell phones.

We are creating the next generation of zombies who will be addicted to the internet, and to their digital devices. They may even exhibit aggressive and anti-social behaviors based on this overexposure. Some other symptoms are:

  • low grades in school
  • weight gain
  • aggressive behavior
  • lethargy or tiredness
  • repetitive strain injury

Further, they will not care about the current events that will affect them or shape the world they live in. They will not be empathetic toward others, have strong belief systems and worst of all, they may not take an active stance in their own lives.

So, What Are We Going To Do About It?

As parents, it’s our job to ensure that our children are using these devices wisely and responsibly. By no means should they be on the ipad, computers or television for the better part of the day.

I’m guilty of this just as much as the next person. As much as I have tried to resist the digital age, my children are somehow hard wired into computer devices. And, because digital devices are everywhere these days – video games, television, internet, iPads, cell phones, limiting their use can be difficult.

As hard as it is, in the back of my mind I know that all of these can have a negative impact on my children if I don’t stay on top of it. They have no idea how the internet can be dangerous, or how many hours spent in cyberspace can erode one’s understanding of the world.

My approach is a simple one, my kids are allowed 1 hour of media time when they get home; then its homework and chores. If they get those done, then they can have an extra 30-45 minutes after they take a bath and get ready for the next day of school. I know that’s more than most people suggest, but this is what works in my home. Further, no media devices are allowed at the table. That is the time to sit and talk as a family about our day. The same is true if we go out to eat.

I know the potential of my children and when their grades drop below a B, all media devices are suspended until further notice. Maybe I’m a hard ass, but their job is to learn, not play Mine Craft until the sun goes down. Just recently, my children have gotten into Farmville – we live on a farm! Do they want to help out with farm-related chores? Oh, no! They’d rather plant their cyber carrots than sow real seeds to produce food for the family.

How addicted to the internet is your family? Take this quiz!

The time has come to take a stand for our children’s future well-being. Teach them how to be responsible with devices, what the long term ramifications of are. If your children are young, for God’s sake, don’t give them an ipad or a cellphone to play games on; give them puzzles, blocks, play-doh and crayons! And, when they are at a young age, teach them about the dangers that lurk on the internet.

What tips can you provide parents on how to better supervise their children’s use of media devices?


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Originally published April 15th, 2014
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  • Aubryn

    How astonishing that this author would give advice to others about not raising zombies while sending her own children off to the zombie indoctrination centers. Our children are our responsibility and should be educated as such. Does anyone really imagine that you can send your children out to be brainwashed for 6-8 hours a day and then overcome that with simplistic tips about limiting media time? Better to limit indoctrination time. By teaching them to think, at home, better choices will be made about media and device times and uses. I apologize for my directness but I think it is warranted.


      I agree that sending kids to a normal public is great and offers kids chance to have a successful life. I do disagree with the concept of keeping kids home and removing them away from the rest of population. Removing kids from society turns them into zombies that do not think for themselves. Limiting tech time is best and providing an enriching enviroment at home that includes the areas of study that they dont get.

      • Aubryn

        It is clear that you do not understand home schooling. Zombies who don’t think for themselves couldn’t be farther from reality. Much of ‘home’ schooling is not done ‘at home.’ These kids are far less isolated than their public school friends in that they are not herded by age into the same group think classes year after year. Home schooling is parent directed learning. We have sports leagues, drama clubs, chess clubs, foreign language etc. We have co op schools where parents teach their own professions or what they teach/taught in public schools. (largest homeschooling demographic is public school teachers). We have two parents who are both doctors-they teach anatomy and physiology. One of our parents was a high school science teacher-she teaches physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Our former ballerina mom teaches dance. Theatre director: drama and so on. My kids took violin, cornet, guitar, latin, spanish, drama, wrestling, baseball, theology, dance, higher math etc. They are in no way removed from society. That is ignorance of home schooling at its finest. Colleges are rolling out the red carpet for home schooled kids, to quote the admissions officer at my daughters college. All my children went on to college, all well employed. All studies show home schooled kids to be better socialized than public schooled kids, and with higher college/professional degrees, incomes, lower drug use, criminality, teen pregnancy. I could go on and on but better that you educate yourself about a subject prior to proffering an opinion.

      • Marieliz Monclova De Jesus

        Preach it!

      • Aubryn

        I’m on it sister. I get really tired of the defensive ignorance spouted by people who handed their children over to molech to be educated and then insult the rest of us who took responsibility for educating our children. My daughter is giving the commencement address at Washington Homeschool Organizations Western WA Commencement ceremony next month.

    • Tess


      While I applaud you for your choices on educating your children at home, I have made a different one. One that I feel I do not need to be judged over. Not that I should explain my choices to you, but I will since I did write the article.

      We removed our children from public school and found a charter program that focuses on science, engineering and math. We drive out of our way to take them to this school. My husband and I are both hands on parents and spend a lot of time talking with our kids about the world around them, going into lots of detail over their homework and beyond and have discussed the realities of life with them extensively. I can assure you that my children are not zombies.

      My purpose in this article was not to start a conversation over homeschooling vs. public, but to bring attention to the fact that we need to be careful about subjecting our children to the internet.

      Congratulations on the success of your children and the homeschooling program you put them in. It is my hope that my kids turn out to just as well-rounded.

  • BlaneckW

    if one feels the need to text the person you’re going to see shortly, then it’s doubtful one had anything between the ears to begin with. If can’t enjoy the present or think about anything else ever but to text your friends, then you obviously can’t read and thus think about anything interesting to bide the time, nothing but texting is on your mind because nothing else is in your mind (because you don’t have a mind).

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