Personal Preparedness Kit for Kids

We all know that emergencies occur when we least expect them – especially when children are concerned.  Teaching them to be prepared for unforeseen events starts at home.  And, like school, you have to start with the basics.  Putting a few basic emergency items in your child’s book bag will help your child be the most prepared kid in school.  And, knowing that your child has his or her basic needs met will calm your concerns while they are away.

Studies have shown, that a child is less fearful of unforeseen circumstances when they know they can handle the situation on their own.   Having the right tools at their disposal will significantly reduce their stress levels, while at the same time, give them a bit of comfort during a stressful event.  Consequently, your child’s self-confidence will increase because he feels entrusted by you with these emergency items.

I have always advocated that each person should have a personal preparedness kit that they carry around with them – and firmly believe children should be taught this as well.  Most of these small preparedness items can fit conveniently into a pencil bag or a small sized bag with a zipper.  These items were approved through the school nurse at my children’s school.  Before packing up these basic emergency items, check with your child’s principal, school nurse or teacher.

Items May Include:

  • Bandages
  • First aid ointment
  • Chapstick
  • Whistle/compass combination
  • Pen/tablet
  • Light stick or wind-up flashlight
  • Emergency Mylar blanket
  • Sanitary bags
  • Hand wipes
  • Emergency rain poncho
  • Energy bar or snack
  • Water bottle

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Originally published October 25th, 2013
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  • Buck

    My wife and I did exactly this for our kids. We used a plastic “crystal light” container and actually fitted the following items in it;
    1) .99 rain poncho
    2) 10 band-aids
    3) 2 hand wipes
    4) energy bar
    5) emergency phone 3’s (written on the back of the poncho cardboard insert)
    6) $5 in $1 bills

    We then sealed it, and duct taped the lid. We then purchased a combination flashlight/glow stick/whistle from home depot and taped it to the container. It fit easily into the kids backpack compartment and gave us a peace of mind..

  • It’s such an easy thing to do for our kids and would take about 5 minutes to assemble.  When I asked the school nurse about this kit, she told me how much she liked the idea of kids being prepared.  I think it helps the kid learn to be more self reliant in the process.

    Thanks for the comment!


  • my kids always had a roll of duct tape- they were the most popular kids in school when other kids backpacks tore because of the load those things have to carry- they have duct tape in cute colors now- my granddaughter has hot pink!!!

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