Proof It Can Be Done: A Micro Farm in the Suburbs

Many believe that a large acreage is needed to live off the fat of the land and be self sustaining.  This family has proved us all wrong.   While many Americans are looking onto the horizon of harder times and researching ways to be more frugal, this family is already doing it.  They live on 1/5th of an acre and have enough food to feed a family of four and have extra to sell to local restaurants in the Pasadena, CA area.

In this day and age, finding ways to cut corners can help us all out.  Jules Dervaes and his family may live a frugal lifestyle but he says, “We eat rich I tell ya.  The way we live seems like something we dream of.”

“Growing your own food is recession proof.  You don’t have to worry about the prices.  When you depend on other people you become powerless.”
– Jules Dervaes

The Dervaes Family website has documented their progression of thinking the unthinkable.  Their website is filled with creative ways to create alternate energy, biodeisel for transportation, organic gardening and more.

This family has proven that it can be done.

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Originally published November 17th, 2009
The Ready Nutrition Vegetable Garden In A Can
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  • Leola,

    Thanks so much for continuing to check out Ready Nutrition.  We all appreciate it so much.  Have a Happy New Year as well.

    Tess Pennington
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  • Hallo Pennington  .. My hat of for you . A real survival list  .. I read about you in a mai from Di .. A friend of mine ..

    I want to give you a good prevention natural medicine against Colds and all kind of sicknesses .. I use it now for three years and it works .. One table spoon of cold slung Honey , mixed with a half teaspoon of Cinnemon .. every day .. I do it in my porridge but it can be taken Any way you like , as long as it is every day .. I am 79 .. Live in Holland
    SEnd me an e-mail than I send you the site were you can see other mnatural remedies  Art
    from The Netherlands

  • Jessica

    We do this in our suburban back yard. In fact, I’m in the middle of canning up corn, pickles (cukes and squash) and apricots. What few realize is that you can also have an entire orchard in a normal back yard as well, by espaliering the trees. You’ll get less production than from a full size tree, granted, but which would you prefer? A few buckets worth of apples, peaches, apricots, plums, and pears, or none at all? 🙂

    An added bonus is, there’s precious little grass to be mowed, as almost the entire back yard is in production! 🙂

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