Rehydration Chart for Dehydrated Foods

Rehydrating your dehydrated foods requires nothing more than the food to be introduced to a liquid. Get creative with the liquid that you use. Many preppers have found that rehydrating foods in liquids other than water gives the food a richer taste. For instance, soaking fruit in fruit juice makes rehydrated fruit taste sweeter or soaking textured vegetable protien (TVP) in meat stock helps give it a richer flavor.

Product Water to add to 1 cup dried food Minimum soaking time (hours)
Apples, sliced 1 1/2 1/2
Pears, sliced 1 3/4 1 1/4
Peaches, sliced 2 1 1/4
Asparagus 2 ¼ 1 ½
Beans, lima      2 ½      1 ½
Beans, green snap 2 ½ 1
Beets 2 ¾ 1 ½
Carrots 2 1/4 1
Cabbage 3 1
Corn 2 ¼ ½
Okra 3 ½
Onions 2 ¾
Peas 2 ½ ½
Pumpkin 3 1
Squash 1 ¾ 1
Spinach 1 ½
Sweet Potatoes 1 ½ ½
Turnip Greens and other greens 1 ¾
Rice – White, brown or wild 1 1
Pasta 1 1
Poultry 1 30
Ground Beef Crumbles, Deli Meat 1 30
Beans 1 1-2
Textured Vegetable Protein 1 30


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Originally published January 22nd, 2013
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  • Linda

    I love this chart!!!

    Would have never thought how long it takes for some of these foods to re-hydrate! Definitely printing this one out.

    Thank you   

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