SHTF Survival: 7 Vitamins That Help Prevent Dental Emergencies

We tend to neglect the dental aspects of emergency preparedness. True dental health comes from within your body and teeth via your nutrition levels and enamel hardness comes from the nutrients in your diet.

It’s no surprise that the more vitamins and minerals that your body is able to absorb, the healthier you will stay. Maintaining a proper diet that is rich in high protein meats, grains and a combination of fruits and vegetables benifits your overall health.

If a long-term emergency were to occur where your daily vitamin intake suddenly decreases, or you fail to properly care for your teeth because of lack of dental supplies, then your overall health, as well as your teeth may suffer and degrade. As a result, teeth could abscess and cause bacterial infections that can cause serious health conditions. Many preparedness-centered individuals are trying to curb this type of emergency by storing vitamins. Taking vitamins during a long-term emergency will assist in regulating body functions, continued mental alertness, assist in maintaining good eye sight, as well as keep teeth and gums healthy.  However, they will do you no good if you do not take them regularly. Some vitamins and minerals to consider for long-term preparedness are:

General Multivitamin: This basic multivitamin will provide your body is it’s basic daily vitamin and minerals. Buying the multivitamin for mature adults will give a person increased levels of essential minerals that may further improve health.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is responsible for maintaining healthy gums. Without it, gum infections do not heal as fast and calculus tends to form more quickly under the gums. Although we typically get vitamin for fish oils, you can also get them in pill form. I like this brand. Lack of vitamin A is also associated with adnormal bone and tooth formation.

B Complex Vitamins: These are also a big player in fighting gum disease. B vitamin deficiencies can make gingivitis more severe and cause sores in the gums, tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth.

Vitamin C: Without this vitamin, your gums become more vulnerable to infection, bleeding, and gum disease. A vitamin C deficiency makes whatever gum issues problem you have much worse. If you have periodontal disease, a lack of vitamin C increases bleeding and swelling and accelerates destructive effects. Studies have revealed that people who consume less of Vitamin C tend to be 25% more likely to suffer from gum disease. These vitamin capsules are organic and food-based.

Vitamin D: This vitamin not only strengthens your immunity against disease, but it also absorbs calcium that is needed for healthy teeth and also assists in keeping the teeth anchored into their sockets. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce gingivitis because of the anti- inflammatory effects of the vitamin. This brand is gmo-free and preservative free.

Calcium: 99% of the calcium in your body is in your bones and your teeth. Dietary calcium is needed to make sure they’re in good shape. It is important to understand that the calcium that is present in bones and teeth is constantly in a state of movement. The calcium gets reabsorbed into the bloodstream if levels are low, and it is put back into bones and teeth when levels are higher. This is why Vitamin D is so important because it regulates this entire mechanism. People with low intake of Calcium and vitamin C are more likely to suffer from periodontal disease. Children’s teeth need Calcium to develop properly.

Phosphorus: Calcium alone cannot take all the credit for proper teeth formation. In fact, about 85% of phosphorus in the body can be found in bones and teeth. It has been found that vitamin D compliments this mineral by boosting it’s effectiveness.

Storing Vitamins

Vitamins tend to expire after a year.  However, there has been contradicting information regarding taking medicines and vitamins after the expiration dates have passed. Since the expiration date is probably conservative to ensure full potency, and aimed at the manufacturer and store more than the consumer, taking vitamins passed their expiration date will not put a person in danger. However, the potency of the vitamin may come into question if a person takes it passed their expiration date.

Keeping vitamins in a cool, dark area of the home will ensure they their potency for as long as possible.  Over time, vitamins will gradually oxidize, and become less effective.  It happens faster if the environment you keep them in is humid (e.g. your kitchen or your bathroom).

In Summary

Health experts are coming to the conclusion that there is a correlation between vitamins and dental health.  Stocking up on vitamins to enhance your overall health and assist in maintaining teeth and preventing dental-related diseases would be a proactive way to prepare for a long-term emergency.

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Originally published July 5th, 2011
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  • Dawn Shevlin

    Signing up for Get prepped weekly newsletter.

  • Shirley Hallberg

    I already take most of these vitimins.  What I did not know that Phosphorus is also needed to help with your teeth and bones.  I take one-a-day vitimins, does this have enough phosphorus?

  • Diana

    Coenzyme Q10 is great for reversing gum disease. We make it in our bodies, but as we age make less and less, so supplementation is required for good health. It is also important for heart health. Provides energy and stamina.
    I am middle-aged, have a physically active job (up and down stairs, ladders). I don’t have a car, so walk a lot, carry my groceries home by myself (prepper!). I take 200mg of CoQ10 daily, 2000mg of C, 800iu of natural source E, 1000mg of D, 1000mg time-release d-pantothenic acid, just to mention a few.

  • Fliteking

    Many supplements are FINE well past the expiration date. The storage advice is right on the money.
    Remember, until recently the US military routinely used medications past the expiration date.

  • Clove herb/oil is great for toothaches and to relieve pain.

    It is also great for nausea and bad breath or if your trying to quit smoking or drinking.
    Here’s a link for all your spices and their remedies


  • Bill Sardi

    None of those nutrients would be suitable for a dental emergency.

    Cloves applied to area of pain will quell a toothache.

    There are other remedies for gums.

    Teeth fall out with scurvy — lack of vitamin C

    Cavities occur in winter when teeth are soft and vitamin D levels are low.

    Bill Sardi

  • Daniel

    K, esp. K2 is crucial. WTF WAS IT NOT MENTIONED????

  • suzan

    Coenzyme Q 10 and Vitamin K2 are vital to dental health. So is eliminating sugar.

  • miko

    Daniel.Hey friend, Easy easy this is just a website to help people. Take your OWS mentality somehwere else.

    Daniel says:
    October 29, 2011 at 2:10 am
    K, esp. K2 is crucial. WTF WAS IT NOT MENTIONED????

  • Jim Presley

    Diane said: “Coenzyme Q10 is great for reversing gum disease”
    This is exactly what my family has found. My brother bill and I had been plagued by terribly bleeding gums for years. I had the endodontic ‘gum trimming’ and it worked for a while. Some fourteen years ago reading an article by Nicholas ? The medical editor, at CBS News .com he said he had the same issue and 200 mg daily of q-10 worked for him. So I tried it. It worked! I’ve been taking it for years now and keep a 12 month supply in the armoire.
    I suggested q-10 to my brother whose sinks after tooth brushing looked like that of a recently fed vampire. Our results strongly confirm Diane’s discovery. Co-q10 fixes your gums. Bill and I have had no recurrence and we had a full cessation of bleeding. It took about one-two weeks to see improvement. We both have taken it for years now.

    • @ Diane and Jim,

      I took your advice and bought of Coenzyme Q10 for my family. Thanks for the suggestion!


  • Jim Presley

    Daniel says:
    October 29, 2011 at 2:10 am
    K, esp. K2 is crucial. WTF WAS IT NOT MENTIONED????

    Daniel if you wished to tell us why you said this, I’m sure inquiring minds would like to know. Just some more info on K2 would be good. It’s likely you are not aware of what is behind your apparent ‘anger’ problem. Therapy may help, friend.

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