Smart Technology Will Mean Nothing After an EMP Event

smart tech

“We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.” – Hotel California, by the Eagles

ReadyNutrition guys and gals, this article is designed to provide you with some food for thought regarding the devices of our modern technological area.  As a modern society, it is very rare to find someone without a cell phone or a hand-held computing device.  While saving time and enabling many different functions, it has also caused our society to become completely dependent upon these devices and has has set us up for a fall.  We already know that those devices are vulnerable to an EMP or a solar storm that can render society as a whole inoperable.  But what about the devices themselves in the normal course of use?  They can act as a monitoring system: a little “spy” in your pocket, transmitting data about you to others that can be acted upon to hurt you.

Former General and Director of the CIA, David Petraeus made a statement regarding simple appliances found in the home, stating that smart technology will make all of our life’s functions part of the “internet of things” someday.  This bodes a dire warning to all of us.  The smart refrigerator that will “order” your food from the grocery store, the cellular telephone that transmits a burst signal every four second to a tower with your position, and the smart “boxes” in your Lexus sedan are all examples of electronic control and tracking.

Shield Your Gear From EMPs

I have found that you can shield off your communications devices by placing them in an EMP-protective bag available online, and you can also use Mylar to block the transmission of the cell phone or I-pad’s signals from effectively reaching the towers.  There is a myriad of information all over the internet that shows how to protect such devices from an EMP or a solar flare.  The principle works in reverse as well, and we’re noting it here for your consideration in your personal planning posture.

The Easiest Way to Wean Yourself Off of a Tech Dependent Lifestyle

JJ’s suggestion is to take a time period – you determine the amount of time for yourself – such as a weekend or a few days during the week, and try to function without the use of any electronic devices, especially those such as hand-held communication.  Give yourself a set period as a drill and a training exercise.  This will help you learn alternative methods of communicating with your family and those you associate with, as well as begin to help you wean yourself off of your tech dependence.  You will be surprised how often you want to check your Facebook or social media during this time.  Such an exercise can gauge how effectively you will function if an EMP or grid-destroying event does occur.

I have suggested in numerous articles that Motorola radios, CB radios, and handheld communication devices such as portable Ham radios are effective means of communication that cannot be monitored as readily as the cellular telephones.  In addition to this, they only need a shielded power source and shielding to protect from the aforementioned disasters.  When the dust settles, the cellular telephones will not be up and running, but you can pull these devices out and use them.

Don’t Allow Your Equipment to Own You

Better yet, they do not continuously transmit your position and movements to Big Brother.  There is much merit in this.  Here is the mindset: we pay our income taxes, and the federal government uses those funds to inculcate ever-growing policies and technologies that further enslave us.  It is akin to paying a building contractor to construct a cage around you.  The same with the technology.  Owning it makes you subject yourself to continuous monitoring and perhaps much worse.  The federal government didn’t build a $50 billion facility for the collection of electronic data and phone transmissions in Ogden, Utah for nothing.

So the suggestion here is to “wean” yourself off of the technology that can monitor you and perhaps even lead to a totalitarian government tracking and scooping you up.  Use your equipment, but don’t allow your equipment to use you, or yourself to be used by it.  Don’t allow your tools to be the tools someone else employs.  Everything can “morph” in an instant and life as we know it come to a screeching halt.  It is better to prepare every day and be “wrong” in the eyes of others for 364 ¼ days out of the year than to not prepare for one day and be “right” when the bottom falls out.  Protect yourself from your own equipment, and keep it from monitoring you.  Don’t let it become a situation that turns into the phrase, “You can check out any time you like…but you can never leave.”


Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

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Originally published April 14th, 2016
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13 Responses to Smart Technology Will Mean Nothing After an EMP Event

  1. Kula Farmer says:

    IMHO, “smart tech” wont be worth anything if any type of collapse or anything happens

  2. Shallel says:

    Are the nuclear plants using smart technology?

    • justin stark says:

      Beyond that (and yes they are), your home electrical system can be used
      to connect quite effectively to the Internet, and ransack your ‘smart’ items.

      Disable your built-in microphone, and cover up your machine’s camera.

  3. justin stark says:

    The “internet of things” is a boondoggle that has failed. Anyone with a “smart TV”
    is set up to be spied upon through their own disgraceful ignorance. This alleged ‘convenience’ is a smoke screen to monitor your behavior, well beyond just what
    ‘programming’ you watch. That ‘road’ goes in BOTH directions. Having your own
    ‘security’ system online makes it easily available to Hackers, World-wide. Unless
    you are a Total Idiot, do NOT connect any device to the ‘Net, except the one you
    are currently using – your computer. And ‘harden’ that security with a vengeance.

  4. Mark says:

    I think you will find the last thing you will be worrying about is your gadgets. Nuclear reactors are not designed to be unmanned. If an EMP struck, the reactors would automatically scram and back up cooling systems would startup. The backup cooling systems would fail within 7 days as the diesel runs out. On the 8th day boil off and core exposure followed by meltdown and containment breach. There are 99 reactors in the US and 451 globally. They contain hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive fuel. Just in case you not sure, it’s an extinction level event. And it doesn’t need to be an EMP. Virus outbreak, Economic collapse, anything that causes reactors to be unmanned even if just in the US and it’s all over.

    • Shallel says:

      Very factually correct, Mark, there are 300,000 tons of ‘spent’ fuel with no plan to keep it out of the environment. Even without any EMP, this is going to wind up making the Earth a barren, lifeless rock for millions of years.

      • SouthernWatchman says:

        Mark was doing well up to the ELE claim. Using Chernobyl and Fukushima as reference points, if all 450+ plants went into uncontrolled meltdown, you would have 450+ small areas of lethally contaminated ground. It would definitely be bad to live in/around those areas for the next 10 to 20 years.

        As the contamination spreads, the amount of contamination remains fixed but the volume it is contaminating increases rapidly. This is effectively a dilution effect.

        Would radiation levels be higher worldwide for the next generation or two? Absolutely.

        …but it won’t kill everyone off and turn the Earth into a barren, lifeless rock. That’s just silly fear mongering.

        Even if you were able to grind up all the fuel in those plants into a fine powder and then homogeneously distributed it across the entire planet… you’d still end up with < 10% higher than natural background radiation levels. E.g. you'd get the same dose as international airline pilots do.

        It's simple math.

      • Shallel says:

        Radioisotopes do not dilute, they magnify in the food chain. ELE it will be!

      • SouthernWatchman says:

        Yes they do.

        All contaminants introduced into the environment do. They then partially concentrate in the food chain, but only after the initial dilution and even then in a non-linear gradient from the point of origin.

        So the fish nearby the power plant are probably not the best thing to be eating, but the sea life 100’s of miles away are perfectly safe.

        In radiological controls, the old saying still applies, “Dilution is the solution”

      • Shallel says:


      • SouthernWatchman says:

        So do female cows, but that’s not on topic, nor does it change science, physics, or math.

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