The Silver Bullet: Making Your Own Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used medicinally and preventatively for centuries. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar, both wrote of the use of silver to treat wounds and prevent disease. Water, milk and vinegar were stored in silver containers to maintain freshness and prevent contamination since ancient times.

As recently as the 1900s, people placed silver coins in milk to keep it from spoiling. It is even used in the water supply at the International Space Station as a disinfectant. Burn wards use bandages soaked in a silver solution to prevent infection when treating 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Today, colloidal silver, a suspension of particles of silver ion in distilled water, is available from most health food stores. It can be used externally as a spray, to disinfect and aid in the healing of wounds or rashes. Taken internally it can be used as a general immune system booster or in higher doses, as a natural antibiotic. It has been shown to aid in healing everything from the common cold to cancer.

The product that you purchase at health food stores is expensive and may not always be available. Like all products that we purchase, in the event of a long-term emergency or societal collapse, our access could be cut off or limited. Secondly, the FDA is actively trying to discredit colloidal silver (because how can the pharmaceutical companies make money on an element, which cannot be patented?). Learning to make your own colloidal silver is simple and doesn’t require a great outlay of money.

Colloidal silver is created through an electro-magnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into a liquid, usually water. You must always use distilled water when making colloidal silver or your end product will be contaminated. You can purchase an easy-to-use generator from Amazon for $50-$350.

You can also make your own silver generator fairly easily.

You will need:


– 8-12 oz glass jar

– Ultrafine silver wire (.999)

– 3 9v batteries

– 3 9v battery terminal clip snap-ons

–  2 small alligator clips



1. Connect 3 battery clips in series (positive to negative, connecting red wires to black). On the 2 unconnected wire ends, attach alligator clips. You can either solder this together or use electrical tape after twisting the wires together.

2. Put batteries on the clips. (Don’t touch the clips once the batteries are connected or they will short out.) Wash the jar then fill it with distilled water.

3. Run the silver wires parallel into the water, ideally about 3/4″ apart. Don’t let them touch each other when the batteries are connected. Attach the alligator clip leads to the silver wires.

4. Once the wires are connected to power, watch for a white cloud to begin forming between them. First, bubbles will form on the wires and 5-10 minutes later, particles will be seen emitting from one of them. Run the generator for 10 minutes past this point to make it approximately 5-7 ppm.

5. When the process is complete, pour the liquid through an unbleached coffee filter into an amber glass container. Your liquid should be either clear or a very light yellow. Running the process too long will create a dark or cloudy liquid which is less effective. Shelf life of DC-generated colloidal silver is approximately 14-30 days. Shake well before using.

For information on using colloidal silver, click HERE and HERE.


This article is for informational purposes only. Ensure you follow the directions correctly as health issues can occur when the wrong type of water is used (such as tap water), not making the right dose and using too much. Argyria is a rare blue/grey discoloration of the skin caused by over consumption of very poor quality colloidal silver. 

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Originally published April 2nd, 2012
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28 Responses to The Silver Bullet: Making Your Own Colloidal Silver

  1. Poole4 says:

    Good information.  I have found that using a laser in the distilled water does not create a beam.  After runing my setup for 24 hours and filtering as described there is a strong beam due to the reflection of the ionized silver particles.  I use the cs in my kids running shoes, as a mouthwash, and nose spray to prevent sinus infections.  When purchasing silver rods request the CofA to prove it is 99.99% silver.  Another idea i found was to add an air stone which creates bubbles and agitates the water.  This will speed up the process.  I can determine when the process is complete by using the laser br
    Eam.  Trial and error.  Also good to apply to bandages for small cuts and scrapes.  If you decide to drink the solution be sure to filter as described. 

  2. Poole4 says:

    One more item.  I use 64oz mason jars to make my cs.  That is why it takes longer.  It also gives me the opportunity to share with coworkers.

  3. Gil says:

    . . . and give your skin that healthy blue-grey glow.

  4. Bzzzzt! says:

    You must limit current to keep particles smaller than your capillaries.(6000 nanometers)
    Also, the smaller  the particles, the more effective they are.
    I use 100 MICROamps for 4 hrs for a 12 oz reactor vessel, resulting in approximately 25 nano-meter particles. Use a 100-180k resistor or an active electronic circuit.
    When everyone starts using this stuff, how do the bacteria  in the sewage treatment plants survive? It stays in your body about 2 hrs, then out it goes.

  5. Bzzzzt! says:

    Also, do not drink it. It absorbs through your mucous membranes. Slosh it around  in your mouth for a while before swallowing, and spit it out if there is a lot of it.

  6. Holland Simms says:

    I use a 3amp,0 to 30 v DC regulated power supply that cost  me about $70.I bought 2 troy ounces of .9999 silver ribbon wire when siver was around $!@ an ounce.still have a lot of that left after 11 years. I take 4 of those ‘wistler’ pyrex tea kettles,around 64 oz. of water and one drop of a previous batch of CS  in each.heat to just the point below a boil where the water is just stating to expell disolved oxygen from the water then turn down the heat but keep it hot.The ‘brownian movement’ of the water will ‘stir’ while the process is working.I generally run for two hours a run. I then bottle in a collection of cobalt blue bottles and amber boston rounds after filtering through the unbleached coffee filters.I put one drop of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide into each bottle 16 oz or 22 oz that I have.Also by bottling the CS hot it will cause a vacuum in the bottle sealing the bottle  and the H202 helps preserve the CS.I sometimes will run a batch for 6 hours and mark that for a ‘wound’ wash.I generally run about 8 gallons when I am in mode to produce.Sometimes it is good to check the pH of the distilled water you buy to be sure that the brand is true to its being  distilled water as it should be pH-7 (neutral).I generally change the polarity of my elecrodes every half hour to reduce the amount of dendritic silver crystal formation end even the ‘wear’ on the silver electrodes.I have an aquarium buubler and aut heat works well and also aids in sealing the storage bottles.I keep my airstone in a pint jar with the  6hour CS to keep them clean.I take 1 oz per day and have since 1997.
    If people buy a commercial CS machine BEWARE some will instruct adding sea salt for conductivity-DO NO EVER MAKE CS WITH SALT – silver chloride produced will give you argyria(blu skin) if taken too long..
    I do sometimes, take CS,seasalt and xylotol if and or when I feel something needs to be washed out of my sinuses.A good one for sinus problems and colds.I have not had a cold in 25 years. 

  7. J smith says:

    I am a nurse, and I have taken care of a patient with agryria caused by consuming colloidal silver internally.  Please DO NOT drink colloidal silver.  Silver can be helpful externally (for wounds or on the skin), but it should never be taken internally. 

    Colloidal silver can slowly build up to toxic levels if you drink it.  The human body is simply not designed to process large amounts of silver, which is not excreted well by the liver or kidneys.  Silver can gradually build up in the kidneys, brain, and skin. Neurological changes and kidney problems can develop, as well as the spooky-looking grey skin. 

    Just because something is natural does not mean that is is harmless.  Please do careful research before deciding whether to use colloidal silver internally.  I, for one have seen the results first hand and will avoid using it. 

    • shotzie says:

      J. Smith, I am sorry but I don’t agree with you on not taking it internally, My Dr. put me on it for pylori, an in 8 days I could feel the a miracle not fatigued anymore an feel great, I told her I was making my own an she said “Good for You”.
      So all these stories that are spread are so untrue. You don’t get agryria unless u made it with salt or used tap or drank the large particles For a Long time.

      I talked to a Bio chemist in Canada, that said if you have the large particles you should only drink that with l/2 Aloe juice.

      Also FDA is publishing warnings…lol They don’t want the pharmacutical company’s to lose money..rather they have us buy Anti biotics..Thank God my Dr. gave me a choice.

    • Mitchell says:

      What you said is not true, especially for me,as I have been making my own Collodial Silver for 15 years and taking it on a regular basis. I was diagnosed with Hepititis C, took my silver for two days and the disease left as test proved it was gone. The silver will work out of the body within seven days, so you don’t have to worry about over loading. Please stop siding with the Pharmaceutical  companies.

    • Mindy says:

      Not true! Only if use salt in it, duh!

  8. Daniel G. says:

    I’ve learned a little about colloidal silver/silver nanoparticles in my materials classes. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a health supplement. There is some evidence suggesting that silver is toxic to humans, damaging the liver, kidneys and the nervous system.
    A pdf with the following title is available through Google Scholar:
    Silver or silver nanoparticles: A hazardous threat to the environment and human health?

    • Gordon Shumway says:

      We have been making and using our own Colloidal Silver since 1997, CURING everything from warts and pneumonia to suppurating surgical incisions and candida albicans infections! BUT we use a MICROPROCESSOR-CONTROLLED CONSTANT CURRENT CS generator, which guarantees TRUE colloid-sized silver particles. You CANNOT get consistent colloid-sized particles with a 9-volt battery (constant VOLTAGE) setup! Why not? Because as the amount of silver in suspension in the water increases over time, the CONDUCTIVITY OF THE WATER INCREASES, and the current goes up. This causes the silver particles to be torn off the electrodes with ever greater force, and the result is larger silver particles, many of which will much LARGER than colloid-size. It is THESE which can and will cause “argyria”/SmurfMan effect, AND which result in a much shorter shelf life than if you use a CONSTANT CURRENT SETUP.
      The shelf life on our 15PPM CS is INDEFINITE, since we use cobalt-blue glass bottles and plastic Zork stoppers. It has tested at 15PPM over THREE YEARS after being bottled.
      As a test of our “argyria”-proof product, I swallowed one 750ml bottle of 15PPM CS of our own manufacture every day for two weeks, with ZERO side effects.
      ru12 at runbox dt cm

      • Marnie says:

        Hi, great info. What C.S. generator do you use? How many volts do you run to get the 15 ppm final product? Thanks 🙂

  9. J Savage says:

    I see the trolls are out in full force today.  People who turn blue from colloidal silver a) drink copious amounts of b) colloidal silver made with impure water.  Quit scaring people.

  10. J smith says:

    Respectfully, I’m not a “troll”.  I have a LOT of respect for natural healing methods, including the use of colloidal silver externally.

    I also recognise that many things in nature can have harmful effects on the human body if misused.  Every person out there must decide for themselves what they do and do not want to put into their body. 
    I only hope that people carfully research ALL of the pros and cons before doing so.   

    There a plenty of people out there who will happily take your money and sell you “cures” that have as much power to harm as to heal.  Please, for your own benefit, be cautiousl and look at the available evidence for yourself before deciding to use ANY medicine (either natural or pharmeceutical).     


  11. You're Smith, I'm Jones says:

    J. Smith, where do I begin?  You are a nurse so you want everyone to believe you?  I too am a nurse, and I have seen many people hurt or killed by conventional medicine and the drugs it offers.  Years ago, I saw a beautiful young boy who died from being given an excessive amount of acetaminophen (the most common brand of this is Tylenol).  His mother gave him too much, too often and he went into kidney and liver failure AND HE DIED!

    I saw a woman in the emergency room given a drug to help intubate her and she blew up like a baloon AND SHE DIED! Seeing this was like something out of science fiction – too bizare!

    You talk about the dangers of colloidal silver.  What about the dangers of fluoride (which is prescribed and/or loved by most doctors and dentists) and is extremely toxic to the human body, mercury which is toxic and cancer causing (mercury being present in vaccines, and dental fillings)? What about the dangers of prescription drugs (Vicodin, Oxycontin, antidepressants)?  Some of those are extremely dangerous and often deadly.  Most all of those deadly rampage shooting were caused by people who were on psychiatric drugs.
    I will help you do your homework.  Here are two very intelligent professionals who know how poisonous fluoride is:

    Also, see the Fluoride Action Network….

    An article about mercury:

    Fluoride is an extremely poisonous substance which we are all being forcibly given via water and pesticides on our foods.  

    For vaccines look up Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  Many in the medical field are starting to wake up to the dangers and disease causing element of vaccines.     

    So, J. Smith, you may not be a troll, but STHU.  Conventional medicine is full of dangers and kills thousand of people in the US every year.  Colloidal silver has its place and everything needs to be used with common sense and not in excess (refer back to my acetaminophen example above).     When is the last time you warned anyone of the above dangers?  Please do your homework.  Respectfully,  I.M. Jones. 


    • Llyssa says:

      First, get off your high horse about flouride. NO ONE mentioned it before you did. Second, J. Smith WASN’T bashing natureal medicines, nor was she trying to get everyone to use ‘medical science’ to fix their problems. I too work inthe medical field, and silver CAN build up to toxic levels easily because the body doesn’t excrete it quickly or effectiently, if ingested in large or continous amounts. She specifically said ” Please, for your own benefit, be cautiousl and look at the available evidence for yourself before deciding to use ANY medicine (either natural or pharmeceutical).” If that lady who poisined her son with Tylenol had been cautions and followed the instructions, her son might not have died. Conventional medication does kill many people, but so do idiots selling snake oil (not to say that the OP is selling snake oil. CS is great stuff). People need to learn EVERYTHING thay can about their diseases, medications, alternative medications, proper diet, ectra and so forth. Being well informed has rarely killed anyone.

  12. Grant says:

    I have used CS for many years, and use a different system for making it. The link to instructions for that process is at my blog. Simply stated, it uses only 6 volts dc, pure distilled water, and an airstone and fish tank aerator pump. For a quart it takes about 24 hours. I loaned my system to a friend with Hep B and he drank 8 ounces a day for 8 months. At that time his liver tests showed negative for infection. Another friend had MRSA on his hand and it was not responding to treatment. They were getting ready to amputate, and he started soaking his hand in CS. Within 2 weeks it was completely healed. The airstone system assures nano particle size silver and is extremely effective. 
    As far as turning blue is concerned, it could be quite an improvement over pushing up daisies as a result of the effects of big pharma. 
    If it heals naturally, big pharma is going to denounce it. 
    On another issue, no longer so closely related to silver, Iodine is not toxic at the levels we have been warned about, and in fact may be the major key to stopping breast cancer. I think about iodine and its connection to silver in the photographic process, having spent many hours in my youth in darkrooms. In Japan, the average daily intake of Iodine is 14 mg, while we are warned in the US that more than 1 mg daily might be toxic.  There are areas in Japan which have a daily intake of 220 mg. Interestingly, the breast cancer rate in Japan ia near zero. Iodine is valuable for many other reasons, and links on my blog are a starting point for research there as well.

  13. nelu cristian says:

    The colloidal silver should be made ONLY using an AC power source, not CC.
    Using an AC source and a motor for stiring the water, it will result a high quality colloidal silver. Using an AC power source, the process is very slow (it can takes 2-10 days), but is safety. From time to time, let’s say one time at half an hour, you have to clean your electrodes very well, even if you don’t see oxides.
       The particles will be the smalest, and it won’t be any risk to have agryria (blue man).

  14. MarkOwen says:

    I make my own colloidal silver, everyone got sick with the flu in my house 3 adults and 2 grandkids, I take 1&1/2 ozs slosh it around in my mouth for two minutes then swallow the rest. I did not get the diarrhea, headaches and nausea like the rest of them. They thought it was snake oil medicine, but I was the one who did not get sick!

  15. Kelly Mortenson says:

    Original article recommendations:                  Discrepancies:

     Container: 8-12oz jar                                   32 & 64oz jar
     Silver: Ultra fine silver wire (.999)                 99.99 & .9999
     Power: 3 – 9v batteries                                 100micro amps
                                                                       3A (0-30v)DC
                                                                       6v DC
                                                                       AC only (not DC)
     Water: Distilled                                            ~ None ~
     Electrode spacing: 3/4″                                ~ None given ~
     Run time: 10 min                                         24hrs
                                                                       2hrs(intrnl use)
                                                                       6hrs(extrnl use)
     Some of the discrepancies listed are very far apart. I do believe in the healing power of CS and I’m sure any of the above recommended formulas would produce some sort of beneficial product when used with care, but what I take away from this article and it’s follow-up comments is some degree of confusion. I would like to know what formula is BEST for the MOST beneficial product. Who’s formula should I follow or should I incorporate a combination of pieces from each contributor depending on who’s recommendation seems most impressive? The internet is wonderful in so many ways, but how does one choose which opinion to follow? 

    • ScarletPimpernil says:

      Start by talking to an electronics engineer and looking into electroplating. Inquire about:

      – The effect changing voltage from AC to DC.

      – If you go with AC, any effect on the electroplating process by altering the frequency.

      – The result of altering voltage from, say, six volts to thirty-six volts.

      _ What happens when you put a [dropping] resistor in series with your generator.

      – Assuming the voltages the same, the difference in outcome between true DC and the output of a full wave rectifier.

  16. Tammy Travis says:

    I have read several articles about making your own cs. But nothing states how long the pieces of wire should be. Does this matter?

    • ScarletPimpernil says:

      No. Just keep the alligator clips and insulated wires from the power source away from each other and out of the water. If the wires connecting to the power source are allowed in the water, they will give up material too.

  17. ScarletPimpernil says:

    For years, rather than the hassle of using three nine volt batteries, I’ve used scale model train power supplies. They provide zero to about thirty-six volts DC and do everything the scammers’ units do, but only cost a few dollars for used units on EBAY.

    Remember, this produces a heavy metal, and nowhere can it be shown silver should be taken daily to “boost immunity.” To the contrary, too much can have the opposite. For example, a little iron can be good for us, but too much can contribute to heart and other problems.

    There are companies working on ways to produce colloidal silver not altered by stomach acids, but they aren’t there yet.

    Meanwhile, for foot baths, sinus, ear and similar uses, having a generator is a must.

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