Turning Kitchen Scraps into Free Eggs

free_range_eggsIt comes to something when you have to resort to tips people write in the comments section because you have absolutely no inspiration to write an article!

I am extremely lucky in that regard, and once again one of my readers has rescued me.

Howard lives in Alaska. When I was having an issue with mice, he was dealing with a rather hungry bear… a grizzly no less, who insisted the contents of the store shed be shared.

But with spiked door installed, the bear seemed to have gotten fed up and wandered off to irritate someone else. Now this kind of puts things in perspective.

I am getting my knickers in a knot about a couple, well actually a couple of dozen rodents, and Howard is finding ways to keep a man-eating hunk of nature out of his life.

It makes you think… mice, man eating bear, mmm maybe mice aren’t so bad.

The other thing I moan a great deal about is the cold. I would think that, though he is far too polite to do it to my face, this makes Howard chuckle. It dropped to 5ºC here and I have no downstairs heating. I almost cried when I saw the temperatures he deals with. Cold is my nemesis.

So, moving on. Howard’s tip of the day is about feeding chickens and pigs if you have them. Over to Howard:

I keep a dedicated pot in which I put all the peels, trimmings and the water from cooked veggies and things like hot dogs. I also drop in any food that has gotten to the point where it isn’t really good enough for humans to eat.

You can also rinse jars, etc., and add the water to the mix.

Once a day top up the pot with enough water to cover and boil. When it’s done stir in a bit of meal to thicken and when it’s cooled feed it to your chickens. Works for pigs too.

You get eggs or meat back from unavoidable waste.


For those of you, like me, that hate food waste, supplementing animal feed in this way might save you a fair bit of cash, and as Howard said, get you free eggs and meat from kitchen waste.

Take Care


Lizzie Bennett retired from her job as a senior operating department practitioner in the UK earlier this year. Her field was trauma and accident and emergency and she has served on major catastrophe teams around the UK. Lizzie publishes Underground Medic on the topic of preparedness.

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Originally published November 6th, 2014
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