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Boston Pickler Cucumber – High in Electrolytes and Potassium


Perfect pickler for particular pickers!

Hands down, our Boston Pickler Cucumbers produce fruit faster than you can say, “Pick a Perfect Pickler Cucumber!” Harvest these babies young and dole them out raw over your salad for a bright, clean and crisp taste. Pickle your cucumbers to savor their amazing flavor later.

Boston Pickler Cucumbers have electrolytes and are high in potassium, so they’re a wonderfully refreshing snack to help you beat the Summer heat!

Weight: 4 grams
Count: Approximately 125 seeds



Boston Pickler Cucumbers are partial to warmer weather. Make sure to plant them when daytime temperatures are above 70 degrees. These incredible cukes are very hearty and resistant to powdery and downy mildew. The secret to continuous yields is picking these picklers as soon as they are between three to five inches in length. Cut the fruit from the vine leaving a short section of the stem on the fruit. Use your hands to brush any spines off your cucumbers.