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3 Different Ways To Use a Whirley Pop – Prepper Style!

Did you know they whirley pop device has more than one use? Give this old fashioned device and second look and see how many other ways you can use it.


Many of you know  the whirley pop is the contraption that makes excellent popcorn the old fashioned way.  The whirley pop works so well because of it’s patented design.  It is designed so that the pan heats evenly to prevent scorching, and 2. has a patented stirring device, and 3. uses ventilated tops that prevents the popcorn from getting mushy.

But this device is good for more than popping corn kernals.  Here are three different ways to use a whirley pop to add convenience to your kitchen:

  • Toasting nuts and coconut – Because nuts and coconut need to be constantly be stirred to keep for scorching, the stirring device could work wonders in this department.
  • Roasting coffee – Roasting your own coffee takes time to master and the whirely pop can help.  Again, due to it’s patented stirring device and ventilated tops, the coffee can roast the way it is supposed to – slow and with care.
  • Making fresh granola– Using the whirley pop to slowly roast granola is a great alternative to using your oven.  This method can also be done over an open fire while camping.  When the stirring motion begins on the whirley pop, it clumps the granola into small clusters that can be used in cereals or eaten on their own.  Roasting granola this way may take a little longer, but the outcome is fantastic.

Tools that have multiple purposes create ease and functionality in the kitchen.  Who knew the whirley pop had so many different uses other than popping popcorn.  What are some different ways that you use your whirley pop?

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 12th, 2011