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4 Safety Items that Will Fit in Your Pocket

Here are examples of tiny little safety items that can fit in your pocket.

pocket knife

By Catherine Alford

I’m the type of person who loves to feel safe all the time. Here are examples of tiny little safety items that can fit in your pocket. Just put them in there and feel secure knowing you have a little bit of defense on your side!

1.    Keys

Keys are something that most people carry with them all the time, and they can be used for self-defense if you find yourself weaponless in a threatening situation. The sharp end of your keys can be used to fend off an attacker and allow you a few extra moments to escape. Simply grip the key in your fist with the pointed end sticking out. Then, when you strike your attacker, the sharp end will stab them.

2.    Cellphone

Cellphones are a very handy and (obviously) common item. They can be used to call the authorities for help if you are in a dangerous situation. There have even been some studies that suggest it helps to talk to a trusted family member or friend on your cellphone if you have to be out walking alone at night. If a potential attacker sees that you are on the phone with someone, they are less likely to attack. Make sure to keep looking around while you talk, though, because you don’t want to seem unaware.

One important thing to remember about cellphones is they only work for making calls and protecting yourself if the battery is charged! There are emergency USB charging sticks available that you can charge after purchase and then put them in your purse. These can be used anytime to add an additional 30 minutes or so of power to your cellphone.

Many experts in personal safety recommend carrying a personal alarm or whistle in your purse or pocket. These tools can be used to scare off or distract attackers or be used to draw attention to your situation in a public location. These devices often have safety measures to prevent them from going off accidentally and can be heard from a really far distance.

3.    Pocketknife

pocketknife is another everyday tool that can be used as a weapon if you are in a close physical altercation. Carrying a small flashlight is also a good idea. Flashlights can be used to temporarily distract and blind attackers. A heavier, metal flashlight can even be used as a weapon.

4.    Hairspray

Travel hairspray or perfume is often carried in women’s purses. Though less potent than pepper spray, these everyday items can be a great substitute in a moment’s notice.

Of course, even though it won’t fit in your pocket, the biggest safety item to carry with you at all times is your brain! Keep your wits about you and always be aware of your surroundings. Know where you are located relevant to any building exits or dark spots along your walking path. Pay attention to all people around you and watch their movements closely. If you start to feel threatened don’t hesitate to take action by heading toward a group of people or a well-lit area.

What are some other great safety items that will fit in your pocket?

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on September 8th, 2014