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5 Awesome Backpacks That You’ll Want to Bug Out With

Whenever anyone starts getting interested in prepping, one of the first purchases they make is for a bug out bag.

framed backpack
Whenever anyone starts getting interested in prepping, one of the first purchases they make is for a bug out bag. It’s a very simple and affordable thing that any newbie prepper can get, and it will immediately make them feel safer.

Of course, once they get around to doing some serious research about prepping, they usually realize that bugging out should always be a last resort. Doing so would make you a refugee in any disaster scenario, and it’s not be taken lightly. It’s far better to stock your home with supplies and prepare to hunker down during a disaster, and only leave when you have absolutely no choice.

But if that day comes, you’ll want the best bug out gear that you can afford. There’s only so much stuff you can carry on your back, so you’ll need to carry them in bag that you can stake your life on. If you’re just now taking an interest in prepping, here’s a few of the bags that you might want to consider.

Standard Tactical Backpack

tactical backpack
You can’t go wrong with an ordinary tactical backpack. Just a comfortable, no frills bag with lots of space and plenty of pockets to organize your gear. Plus it’s water-resistant, and comes with a waist belt that will help take the weight off your shoulders.

Firearm Scabbard

rifle scabbard
When most people think about taking a rifle or a shotgun with them, they just assume that slinging it over their shoulder is the only way to go. However, sometimes a scabbard can make it a bit easier to carry a weapon. You can give your firearm the protection of a case while still having easy access, and many of these scabbards can be attached to your backpack. This is important because if you’re already carrying a backpack, you don’t want another strap digging into your shoulder. Depending on what you intend to bug out with, there are scabbards for shotguns, rifles, and scoped rifles.

Rubberized Rucksack

rubberized rucksack
If you happen to live in an extremely cold or wet environment, you might want to consider a rubberized bag. No backpack is truly waterproof, but bags that are made of rubberized canvas are about as close as you can get to that. Unless the bag is completely submerged in water, you can trust that your stuff is going to stay dry. And as an added bonus, these types of backpacks are ridiculously durable. They’ll last a lifetime.

Internal Frame Backpack

internal frame backpack
Ultimately, bugging out means carrying as much stuff on your back as you can reasonably manage, and you can’t go wrong with the type of bags that long distance backpackers typically use. These have the largest carrying capacity of any backpack, and they typically come with an internal frame and a waist belt that helps balance and spread out the weight you’re carrying. Essentially, they’re designed to help you carry a lot of weight as comfortably as possible.

Tactical Messenger Bag

tactical messenger bag
Sometimes smaller is better. Obviously, a tactical messenger bag doesn’t have enough space to carry everything you need to survive for several days, but it does have its place in your bug out bag ensemble. You can carry one of these in addition to a regular backpack, and if you don’t want to wear the strap, there is a belt loop in the back that will let you carry it around your waist. These are really handy for traveling in rough terrain. Sometimes you need to drop your main bag so you can quickly scout ahead, or when you’re settling down in your campsite. With the tactical messenger bag, you can carry the most basic essentials with you at all times without feeling encumbered.

While this is hardly an all-encompassing list of bags that you should bug out with, hopefully it will give you a starting point. Everyone has different gear, personal needs, and challenging environments that they would have to overcome in a disaster, so take your time and do your research. You’ll find the bug out bag arrangement that works best for you.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on March 9th, 2016

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