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Biological Warfare 101: Knowledge and Preparation are your Keys to Survive

There are nations that actively pursue biological weapons programs (albeit they declare that’s not the case). The government declares these threats to be ever-present (generating a climate of fear) and must be ever guarded against (that’s where big daddy government comes in). We are going to concentrate on the greater probable domestic threat: an authoritarian government running wild.

bio warfare

“I’m just lookin’ for clues at the scene of the crime, life’s been good to me so far.” –   (Joe Walsh)

Good day to you, Ready Nutrition readers.  Today’s piece is the introduction to Bio-Weapons and Biological Warfare, the first part of a series to outline some basic fundamentals you will need to safeguard yourself and your family.  Many people greatly fear biological weapons of mass destruction and this is understandable; however, we are addressing this topic in an analytical fashion to enable others to understand it.  When you know what the dangers are and how to protect yourself from them, that knowledge can transform fear into caution: you can walk in the strength of knowing and that you have the ability to defeat the problem.

We start in a systematic manner, from the basics.  If you notice there is a paradigm with preparations: problem, details/facts, actions/solutions, and continuity.  Disasters differ, but all actions revolve around a core of protection/security, first aid/medical capabilities, potable water, food, shelter, and supply/support.  All of these basics in the core are always there.  The actions to enable them are different because each SHTF scenario poses a different set of problems; however, one must prepare for all of them, for two major reasons:

  1. One can never tell which type of disaster will pop up, and
  2. The disasters can be either interrelated or progressive (ex’s. a tornado tearing through a small town causes fires that burn up the town, or a hurricane destroys an area leaving no electricity and clean running water, and an outbreak of disease such as typhus then occurs).

So in this series we will discuss fundamentals of biological warfare to outline some preventative preparations you can take in order to safeguard yourselves.  Biological warfare is very ancient in its concepts.  There are numerous instances in ancient Greece, Rome, China, and the Byzantine Empire, as well as throughout medieval times of biological weapons being used.  These were primitive but effective, entailing things such as catapulting bubonic plague-infected corpses overtop of a city’s defensive wall, or pouring sludge/infected detritus into a defender’s water supply.

So, the danger, you may ask, originates where, and from whom?  There are nations that actively pursue biological weapons programs (albeit they declare that’s not the case).  North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran are some of the players in this arena; their programs are extensive, modern, and very well managed.  We will detail more regarding them in Part 2, as they are a possible threat but not the main concern now.

“Lone-wolf” terrorists and extremist groups (just about every American citizen fits into those categories according to the MIAC report and the DHS), along with the ever-present new boogeyman, ISIS are the “domestic threats,” to the “homeland.”  The government declares these threats to be ever-present (generating a climate of fear) and must be ever guarded against (that’s where big daddy government comes in).  We are going to concentrate on the greater probable domestic threat: an authoritarian government running wild.  The United States government, although declaring a self-imposed moratorium on actively pursuing biological weapons back in the 1970’s has plenty of Bio-Level 4 facilities with weapons research and testing.  The germs are there for use, only needing to be mass-produced and then used with an effective delivery system.

ISIS is the US version of Emanuel Goldstein in Orwell’s “1984,” lurking behind every bush and every corner just waiting to strike.  Nevertheless, our main concern domestically is our own government.  I will not delve into the political rationale or the potential for NWO/globalist depopulation objectives, as it digresses from the intention of this article.  In Part 2 we will explore some of the measures (documented and highly-publicized) that the U.S. Government has utilized in the past, and they are not exactly in line with the “Marquis of Queensbury” rules in the boxing ring: they hit below the belt.

I conducted a research experiment back in 2012.  It was a small experiment; however, when I outline it you will understand the reasons behind it and the depth that underlies the facts.  H3N2 was the swine flu strain that trickled out into the public’s awareness and then became an integral part of that 2012-13 flu season.  The headline I found was published 11/06/2012, entitled “KDHE identifies first flu case of 2012-2013 season,” and this out of Topeka, Kansas, by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The first case (patient zero) was identified from a specimen taken from an adult on 10/31/2012.  Now this H3N2 was a very fast-spreading influenza.  As a matter of fact, I have a map dated 1/26/2013 that showed the spread of the infection.  From the date of patient zero to the date of the map, guess what?  All of the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii were inundated with this flu in exactly 50 days.  “So what?” you may ask.  So this:

  1. The DOD had been transferring material and equipment from its Plum Island Bioweapons Facility (a BSL-4 facility) to the little town in Manhattan, Kansas. Coincidentally, this H3N2 virus in patient zero was recorded less than 40 miles west (in Topeka, KS) of the new Kansas BSL-4 facility.
  2. On 9/11/2012, Dr. Ray Mercola penned an article entitled, “CDC Preparing for New Swine Flu – Should You?”  Yes, perhaps we should have.  The article describes how the CDC “discovered” this very H3N2 virus termed a variant virus…meaning it was a “new reassortment…that contained genes of the swine-origin influenza A (H3N2)..and (H1N1)…from the 2009 pandemic.”     (Don’t you just love that, RN readers…discovered?  As if they just found it in their backyard?  And don’t you just love how it happened to recombine?
  3. Now, on 3/12/2012 (7 months before patient zero), Mac Slavo from SHTFplan.com presented an article entitled, “Report: Homeland Security to Build Bio Safety Level 4 Virus Research Facility Centrally Located in Kansas.” The article was excellent, and Mr. Slavo brilliantly (and with clear brevity) chronicled some of the diseases that would be researched in the facility.  Can you guess what disease was Number 7 on the list?  Yep, you guessed it: “Classical Swine Fever” was #7 on the list.
  4. Now we’re going to back things up and really give you a kicker! I have a 6 page report from 2008 found at futuremedicine.com, by the Future Science Group entitled, “Influenza genetic sequence patents: where intellectual property clashes with public health needs,” by Lori B. Andrews and Laura A. Shackelton.  The article chronicles genomics research with influenza viruses especially regarding H1N1 (2009 pandemic), and H3N2.  A little blurb that might go unnoticed in the article was the human BRCA gene patent granted to Myriad Genetics in UT.  This is the big part: please bear with me.  On the 4th page of the article I found the following:

“While such a type-A influenza virus with pandemic potential may be the result of point mutations in the currently circulating A/H5N1 [JJ note: that’s Avian flu, a.k.a. Bird Flu], it may, alternatively, result from a gene segment reassortment event between the current A/H5N1 and a co-circulating human strain, such as A/H3N2.

Readers, you may wonder where JJ’s going with this?  Here it is, and here is why I’m so interested in all of it:

In January of 2013, after the H3N2 influenza was running rampant, my wife and I contracted it and were literally on our deathbed for over a week.  She and I dropped 10 and 20 lbs respectively and barely lived, it was so severe.  Here’s the kicker.  Remember Myriad Genetics mentioned earlier?  They lost their patent suit to be able to keep “harvested” human genetic material and classify it as intellectual property.  The two “Statist-ettes” who penned the article obviously had the Supreme Court results, “stuck in their throats,” as the title illustrates how our two ladies consider the ruling to be an impediment to public health.  It didn’t sit very well with them.

This last part is because Myriad Genetics has funding from the CDC, and in turn conducts research and provides storage of human genetic material for the CDC.

Over the past ten years, Myriad Genetics has served as a repository for the genetic material taken as a matter-of-course from millions of people, especially for the BRCA gene; this gene-sequence is used to forecast the likelihood of cancer and cancer-progression in patients with possible need for surgery.  Now the courts ruled that the genes couldn’t be patented; however, it did not strike down tenets of storage and utilizing already collected genes within the scope of their repository.

Here are three “punch lines” for you:

  1. A biological weapon (such as a virus) can be tailor made/designed to affect a person or group of people by targeting their genes.
  2. The BRCA tests are proven to have failures to detect certain rearrangements in genetic material and are nowhere near accurate; therefore, why are all of these people’s genes being harvested and collected for use in a test that is inaccurate?
  3. My wife is a cancer-survivor who had her genetic material collected by Myriad Genetics for the BRCA-test prior to her surgeries.

The bottom line: this author believe and is convinced that the H3N2 was a test release by a BSL-4 facility in order to see how long a genetically-tailored virus would spread throughout the U.S. in a normal manner (without spraying it or releasing it from mass locations).  The author also believes that the genetic material kept in the repository from millions of people could be used for very, very bad purposes in the future; this case illustrates the dubious (if not nefarious) happenings with a “simple” H3N2 outbreak.

In Part 2 we will cite specific examples of how our government has used the populace as a testing ground both for efficacy of diseases and to chronicle the manner and timeliness in which they are spread.  We will detail other nations and their bio-weapons programs, and list the diseases in their arsenals.  We will also list numerous sources for reference for you to use in your quest to arm yourselves with knowledge.  Part 3 will take the diseases apart one by one, giving you their characteristics and the meds needed to fight them, as well as any naturopathic aids and preventative techniques you can use.  We will close this part with procedures to follow for decontamination and measures you and your family can take following a full-blown pandemic and/or bio-weapon-fostered emergency.

Have a great day, readers, and I invite you to “tune in” to Part 2 that will be arriving shortly.



This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on April 13th, 2015