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Dealing with Headaches in the Great Outdoors

Conservatively, it is estimated that some 245 million Americans are affected by a headache each year; in reality, almost everyone has one or more for various reasons. The subject for discussion within this article is the common headache, and we will present some facts about headaches and some measures that may help those afflicted by them.

Juice For a Natural Energy Boost

I constantly struggle with having enough energy to get everything done. Instead of loading myself up with coffee all day, I am taking a healthier approach and started giving my body what it really needs – natural vitamins and nutrients.

Make This Cool-Down Drink for Quick Rehydration

Here is a real problem for some people whether they drink a lot of water or not – they aren’t keeping much of it. That’s a problem. It’s no wonder they might seek sports drinks which can definitely help, but also contain artificial sweeteners, synthetic minerals, chemicals, and artificial colors.

Coconut Oil: Some Really Good Stuff!

If you haven’t heard about the amazing uses for coconut oil lately, you must have been living under a rock. Here are some of the many uses for coconut oil and where to get the best oil from.

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Book Review: Eat the Weeds

The book, Eat the Weeds contains a plethora of information based in research that can definitely help you from perspectives of nutrition, home budgeting, and preparedness.

Can Fasting Rebuild Your Immune System?

A recent study conducted at the University of Southern California found that people who who occasionally who fast for three days strange can completely rejuvenate their entire immune system.

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10 Infused Detox Waters for Healthy Living

Take drinking water to the next level. By infusing your water with fresh fruits and herbs, it will help you gently detox your body and rehydrate you at the same time. Try these ten refreshing infusions!

5 Tips For Naturally Healthy Skin All Summer Long

The warmer, more humid weather in the summer means our skin isn’t as dry and itchy as it was in the winter; but that’s no excuse to neglect your skin. As the largest organ of the integumentary system, it’s important to protect your skin, but doing so in a natural and earth-friendly way is often difficult. So we’ve come up with five tips and tricks designed to help you get the most out of nature’s bounty while caring for skin this summer.

10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

A recent study showed that hemp seeds is truly beneficial for the health and does not contain the psychoactive ingredient that are commonly found in marijuana.

Colloidal Silver vs. Ionic Silver And Why It Matters

Colloidal silver is often confused with ionic silver, and although both are very similar, their differences should be noted especially when considering whether or not colloidal silver is a supplement that’s right for you or your family. Many products claiming to be colloidal silver or angstrom size silver particle colloids are in fact mostly ionic silver solutions.


Ancient Secrets to Relieving Back Pain

Back pain is a big deal. It will affect almost every American over the course of their lifetime, and in many cases, it goes on to become chronic and untreatable. But there is a way to avoid this ailment altogether.

5 Toxic Chemicals Hiding in Your Deodorant

Since our skin is our largest organ, we need to take measures to ensure that what we put on it is as natural as possible. Here are five harmful chemicals found in deodorant that can play a part in the diminishment of our health.

12 Ways to Keep Cool In A Crisis

In a crisis situation there’s a good chance the grid is going to be down. The refrigerator and air conditioning will not be working and excessive heat can be dangerous for the elderly, the very young and for many with chronic medical conditions.

Boost Your Brain-Power With These Herbal Foods

The human brain is a marvelous apparatus that we are now only beginning to understand in terms of its capabilities and functions. There are some supplements that you can take that will help in terms of brain “improvement” that you may be interested in.

DIY Electrolyte Powders

Making your own electrolyte powder is a low cost alternative to purchasing those expensive sports drinks. An added bonus to making your own electrolyte powder is it gives you complete control over the ingredients of the electrolyte drink and you can have it on hand when you need it the most.

10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

A recent study showed that hemp seeds is truly beneficial for the health and does not contain the psychoactive ingredient that are commonly found in marijuana.

Combating Stress with Herbal Remedies

There are two herbal adaptogens – Schisandra and Ashwagandha – that can reduce the amount of cortisol you produce during times of stress – both in a disaster, and when you’re working out to the max.

6 Ways to Recycle Water

Water is an important part of our lives, and something we take for granted. Learnings ways to conserve water will help during droughts, economic hardships, keeping the utility bill down and conserving our vital natural resources. Here are 6 ways to conserve water from the home.

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