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10 Ways to Relieve Spring Allergies

Congestion, sneezing and watery eyes are no way to enjoy the gifts that spring brings. Introduce these 10 ways to relieve spring allergies.

13 Disorders Caused by Lack of Water

Most people don’t think they need to worry about dehydration. But there is a chronic form of dehydration that does not have the sudden and intense nature of the acute form.

Chia Seeds: A Tiny Powerhouse for Sustainability

The Chia seed is much more than part of a novelty planter – it is a tiny little powerhouse that can add a lot of benefits to your long-term food storage while only taking up a small amount of space.

19 Foods That Eat the Stress Away

There are many ways you can reduce or manage the stress in your life. Good nutrition is one of them. Believe it or not, there are foods you can eat that have shown to have stress-reducing properties.

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19 Foods That Eat the Stress Away

There are many ways you can reduce or manage the stress in your life. Good nutrition is one of them. Believe it or not, there are foods you can eat that have shown to have stress-reducing properties.

Simple Ways To Help You Get Enough Leafy Greens During Winter

Getting your daily dose of greens seems difficult for most people on a sunny day in the summer when they have those vegetable readily available. But come winter time, some all but stop eating those nutritious veggies that help keep the body running in tip-top condition. Because of that, we’ve come up with this helpful guide to show you how easy it is to still get your veggies in even when that blizzard rolls through!

Colloidal Silver: Myths And Truths About Side Effects

Colloidal silver is often a topic of controversy. Mentioning it to those who are strict believers in only Western medicine can often make you feel like an insane witch doctor. But we’ll break down the myths and deliver some truths about the side effects, so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

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Make This Cool-Down Drink for Quick Rehydration

Here is a real problem for some people whether they drink a lot of water or not – they aren’t keeping much of it. That’s a problem. It’s no wonder they might seek sports drinks which can definitely help, but also contain artificial sweeteners, synthetic minerals, chemicals, and artificial colors.

4 Healthy Foods That Serve as Natural Antibiotics

The overuse of antibiotics has heralded the rise antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and the best defense you have against bacterial infection may be to proactively fortify your body with natural antibiotics by making certain foods and supplements part of your daily diet.


20 Medicinal Herbs That I Have in My Prepper Garden

So, many of you may be asking my I want to go to all the trouble and grow herbs and roots for natural healing. In short, it’s so I can have options at my disposal. These 20 herbs made the cut and I couldn’t be more pleased with my choices.

Arthritis: Can You Eat Away the Pain?

The Mediterranean diet is sort of like a blueprint for an arthritis diet, if there was such a thing. Vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, and nuts have all been shown to limit inflammation and boost overall health.

10 Ways To Make Your Trash Work For You

Those that are attempting to adopt the homesteading mindset are trying to re-learn the lost knowledge from our agrerian ancestors, as well as trying to find practical ways to save a buck or two. The homesteading mindset is all about re-purposing items we already have in our possession. Finding ways to re-purpose trash can not only make your lifestyle more “green,”, but it can save you money and time as well.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon

These 10 amazing health benefits of cinnamon have been documented and clearly demonstrate why this is one spice that needs to be defended instead of eradicated.

6 Ways to Recycle Water

Water is an important part of our lives, and something we take for granted. Learnings ways to conserve water will help during droughts, economic hardships, keeping the utility bill down and conserving our vital natural resources. Here are 6 ways to conserve water from the home.

10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

A recent study showed that hemp seeds is truly beneficial for the health and does not contain the psychoactive ingredient that are commonly found in marijuana.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Onions

There are quite a few health benefits to eating onions and we’ve included just 10 below to get you started on understanding why this vegetable is so important for good health.

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