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Colorado Declares A Disaster Emergency Over A Lack Of Propane

An emergency declaration was made in Colorado on Christmas Eve. The state was suffering from a lack of propane. A series of problems led to the emergency declaration, but even minimal prepping could have helped those who were among the allegedly affected. 

An emergency declaration was made in Colorado on Christmas Eve.  The state was suffering from a lack of propane. A series of problems led to the emergency declaration, but even minimal prepping could have helped those who were among the allegedly affected.

The propane supplies are now on the rise after the shortage prompted the state’s governor, John Hickenlooper to declare a disaster emergency over the Christmas holiday. Many are crediting the governor for his quick action (signing a piece of paper declaring an emergency is allegedly “helping”) to avert a crisis. While the shortage could have left thousands without heat in Colorado during winter, it seems like if you live in a colder climate, you’d have a backup source of heat anyway.  The governor’s “action” was likely nothing more than simple fear mongering brainwashing the public to believe they cannot survive without the government on their own.

There have even been some reports claiming there never was a shortage, adding even more evidence that the disaster declaration is nothing more than a confusing bit of fear mongering. Officials say the shortage stems from in-state production issues, which have forced propane suppliers to turn to out-of-state resources. But many in the industry don’t know where these so-called officials have gotten their information. As part of his declaration, Hickenlooper relaxed his own restrictions on how many hours drivers can work, allowing more propane to be delivered. But this would have all been useless propaganda and immediately labeled as nothing more than fear mongering had those affected by the disaster declaration been adequately prepared and not subjugated by the fear of a shortage that may never have existed, to begin with.

But, in the event of an actual propane shortage, there are some things you can you and your family can do now to be prepared. According to Martial Law News, it is pretty simple to prepare your home for a fuel shortage.  Should the propane industry face trouble or regulations that make it difficult to supply fuel, or during the event of a societal collapse where fuel is simply unavailable, it’s better to just be prepared in advance.


1. Have a backup source of heat.  It seems so obvious, and it can be an expensive endeavor to install a woodburning stove. But if you live in a cold climate and rely only on electric or propane heat, you’ll be pretty uncomfortable if you lose power during a blizzard for several days or there is a legitimate propane shortage. Consider installing a wood burning stove, as it only uses wood and you don’t need propane or electricity to keep warm.

2. You could also prepare by keeping a 500-gallon propane tank as your backup fuel, and you can use it when winter comes. You can pair it with a wall-mounted gas heater so you can keep your home nice and warm. This is an efficient way to heat the home, and it won’t deplete the propane in your tank. This method can also help keep the heat on when you’re experiencing temporary power outages. A standard and safe home heating system, a 500-gallon tank and a wall-mounted heater are easy to set up. If you conserve the fuel, a single tank can last for as long as a year.

3. Consider improving your insulation and upgrading your windows.  Although this is a rather expensive endeavor, if you’ve only got one source of heat, and you cannot install a secondary backup source (such a wood fireplace in an apartment) you can get better window coverings, such as insulated curtains, to help keep what heat is inside from seeping out. You should also make sure everyone in your family has proper winter clothing, such as insulated socks and boots, and mittens. Hats will also keep you comfortable in a power outage, as most heat escapes from our heads.

4. Invest in a lot of candles. You can never have enough candles either in your prepping supply or randomly sprinkled around your house as “decoration”! Candles serve two purposes—heat and light. Just fill up the room you plan on staying in with candles and light them all up. Many scented candles should be avoided if any family members are sensitive to fragrances. Non-scented soy wax candles won’t overpower your sense of smell, nor will lighting them give you massive headaches. But, you will still want to make sure there is some ventilation in the room you’ve lit with candles. Use extreme caution when lighting a lot of candles. Do not burn anything inside your home without providing adequate ventilation to the outside. Keep a fire extinguisher right near whatever open flame heat source you are usingCarbon monoxide and fire can be deadly. You will also need to pay special attention to the kids and the pets as with an open flame.

As with any “disaster” or government fear-mongering, self-reliance is the key getting out unscathed.  Rely on yourself and your ingenuity to beat any odds and survive while others are pleading the authorities to take care of them and “do something.” You’ll be all set in many winter situations if you can take the plunge and get a wood burning stove installed as a backup source of heat. If you only do one thing to prepare for a winter without electricity or fuel, that will be something that could not only save your life but make you immediately comfortable while others scramble.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on December 31st, 2018