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Do You Have The Attitude To Survive?

We’ve all heard that survival is mostly mental. That’ said, do you have the right attitude to survive a disaster?

People say that being a survivalist or prepper is contagious – once a person starts prepping they do not want to stop. This is because after careful research of likely or localized emergency scenarios to could affect a person’s life, they realize that it isn’t too far out of the park to realize that preparing for larger or widespread emergencies could also effect their lives. What prepping really does is instill an assurance about ourselves and our abilities, and that is what is so contagious and intriguing about this.

We are rediscovering our roots, and finding that inner strength that makes us stronger.  And, through this discovery, we find that survivalist attitude that we can rely on when a disaster comes our way.  We no longer want to depend on someone to take care of us or rescue us from danger, but feel we are able enough to do so ourselves.  We have found a freedom through prepping that cannot be taken away.

Victim vs. Survivor

There seems to be a learned victim behavior within our society.  Perhaps it was from watching too many movies, or an inner fear that is within us all.  However, when someone or an unforeseen event threatens our lives, the choice must be made to stay the victim or become a survivor.  Surviving seems the most logical choice, but there are some who will choose to stay the victim because it is the easiest choice to make.  This is a choice we must all make, but the survival attitude is one that is a journey, and at a times a hard journey.

The Most Committed Wins

The stronger, or more intelligent person may not always be the one to persevere.  It will always be the one who is most committed and most adaptable to the given situation.  Those that are committed and motivated to surviving will have a greater advantage than the ones who are not.  The more a person prepares, the more they are committed to surviving.  This commitment they make to themselves will push them beyond their “comfort zone” to explore new ways to approach life, and adapt more quickly to what life throws out at them.

Harder Times are Coming

It is fairly safe to say that  hard times are coming.  It is not that we welcome the more turbulent times, but we have prepared for them and have found ways to alleviate the strain on our family in the case they do occur.  The prepping attitude teaches us to be stronger during these hard times and hopefully, we have prepared mentally as well as physically.  There will be times when we will fall upon our inner strength to help keep us going.  Even though these harder times are coming, we still have time to continue learning more skills and getting our plans in place.  With every new day that comes, it is a blessing and another opportunity to learn something new, or find another item to prep.

Choosing the be a survivor is an action step that creates a mental change in the way we think and perceive a situation.  Choosing to be a survivor means stepping out of that “victim role” and actively learning ways to live through the problem.  The survivalist attitude keeps a person thinking in a more positive outlook.  They will trust in their abilities more, and be prepared for those unseen events and know how to get through them with the skills they have learned.  So, when push comes to shove, which will you choose to be, a survivor or a victim?

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on March 23rd, 2010