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Medical Community Finally Admits That Fluoride is a Neurotoxin

With this mainstream recognition comes hope. Hope that we can finally end the dangerous and unethical practice of fluoridating our precious water supply.

glass of waterIt seems like it’s become nearly impossible to escape fluoride exposure in our modern society, and finding an alternative to toothpaste is not enough. Even if you drink filtered water, it still leaches into your clothes after every wash, and is absorbed into your skin after every shower. It even exists as a pesticide on a wide variety of foods.

Unless you live in an area that doesn’t fluoridate the water supply, or where you can grow your own food and use your own well water, avoiding fluoride is a rather costly endeavor. And unfortunately we must avoid it at all costs, because multiple studies have proven the toxicity of fluoride in our bodies.

Fluoride has been shown to reduce fertility, damage bones, and reduce IQ, especially in children. Despite all of this evidence, the media, the government and the medical establishment refuse to acknowledge the inherent dangers of this chemical.

They continue to be willfully ignorant on the subject. They’ll tell you that fluoride is an essential nutrient in your body, while completely ignoring the fact that it’s a toxic byproduct of the fertilizer industry.  They continue to ignore the differences between substances like sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride, which is the only naturally occurring form of the chemical (and likely the only form that is good for your teeth).

After years of ignoring the evidence and marginalizing the naysayers as quacks and conspiracy theorists, it appears that the medical community is finally starting to admit that they were wrong. Recently Dr. Edward Group, head of the Global Healing Center, reported on a peer reviewed report from a prestigious medical journal. What he found indicates a major sea change in the medical establishment:

Fluoridation, the process of adding fluoride to public water supplies in an effort to prevent cavities, has courted controversy since its introduction in the US during the 1940s. Now, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet has published a report that supports what opponents of fluoride have long been arguing. In essence, the journal article pointed to the fact that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin.

Fluoride: A Dangerous Neurotoxin 

The peer-reviewed report, which builds off a 2006 study that looked at five potential neurotoxins, now adds fluoride to the list of harmful environmental pollutants. [1] In fact, fluoride is listed alongside such well-known hazards as lead, mercury, and arsenic. Developmental neurotoxins at high enough levels can cause developmental disorders and are particularly hazardous to fetuses and young children whose brains are still developing. Dr. Philippe Grandjean and Dr. Philip J. Landrigan, the authors of the study, are advocating for a global prevention strategy to control what they call a “pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity.” They also believe that there are still undiscovered industrial neurotoxins and state that chemicals that have not been tested for neurotoxicity should not automatically be presumed safe for brain development.

The medical community is slowly but surely beginning to admit to the true dangers of this neurotoxin.  With this mainstream recognition comes hope. Hopefully we can finally end the dangerous and unethical practice of fluoridating our precious water supply.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on November 15th, 2014

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