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Peg Looms: A Simple Way to Create Home Furnishings

All the rugs at Knowle were made on a peg loom, as were cushion covers and the thick toppers that we used on the beds in cold weather.

peg loom 043Years ago the average person couldn’t just pop into a department store and buy a cushion cover, or a rug or whatever, they were way too expensive. Most soft furnishings were home made, usually made from scraps of wool or fabric that had no other use. Peg looms were the simplest way of crating such things and with a bit of imagination the results could be quite surprising.

All the rugs at Knowle were made on a peg loom, as were cushion covers and the thick toppers that we used on the beds in cold weather. They were like a cross between a thick blanket and a decorative bedspread.

Bags made on a peg loom were useful and hard wearing and were nice Christmas presents for friends and family, and scarves were warm and hardwearing.


Peg looming is very simple. You literally go in and out of the pegs with your scraps of fabric or wool and then slide the work down the threads hanging down from the loom. The fabric produced is strong and can be made into many different items.

Today reusing and recycling is a big thing, but for many older people it was actually a way of life. We just regarded it as getting something for free and a good way of using up scraps that would otherwise be wasted.

Ernie made my loom, but you can buy them in lots of different sizes. The school I help out at has brought one and the girls in the crochet circle are really looking forward to trying it out. I think they will have to buy a few more as our craft sessions are really taking off.

Much of the crochet and knitting the children have made has a modern edge. The girls have produced everything from phone cases to baby blankets, bags made from nylon twine to cushion covers,

I have really enjoyed watching them  move from their first fumbling efforts with a hook or pins and a ball of wool to the quite accomplished knitters and crocheters…is that a real word? I have always known those into crochet as hookers but apparently that isn’t something I should be calling my girls, it made me laugh so much when they told me why.

Have a look at peg looming, you may be pleasantly surprised how simple it is and some of the attractive and useful items you can make from recycled wool and fabrics.

I hope you and the family are all well. I’ll write soon,



Editors note: I found this example on YouTube showing just how simple, and effective peg looming is.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on November 3rd, 2014

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