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Plan B: What To Do When Your Survival Shelter Has Been Compromised

No home is an impregnable fortress, but at the bare minimum your preparations can buy you some time. Get your home defense plan where it should be with these essential tips.

Ready Nutrition Readers, this is a simple “food for thought” article to stimulate the “planning juices” in the brain cells of you guys and gals. It’s no secret how important a good home defense plan is especially during a long-term event. The scenario of the Twilight Zone episode “The Shelter” is the rule of thumb rather than the exception.  So what will you do when the marauding hordes come knocking on your door…with a battering ram?  It is wise to consider such options now, before they occur, so that you are armed with a plan and a course of action to pursue.

 Essential Equipment for Plan B During a SHTF Event


Firstly, what do you have in terms of detection equipment?  Do you have motion sensors and a camera?  Do you have a large dog that knows how to guard his family?  Do you have a means to detect Mr. and Mrs. Marauder?  Finally, if you’re wired with cameras, IR, and motion sensors to the max, are they hardened in the event of an EMP or will they become paperweights along with your ungrounded Jag and Hummer?  Then what do you have to help you detect the threats?

I strongly advise as much of the high-tech stuff as your budget will allow.  A camera (especially one with IR capability) is worth its weight in gold to actually see Snidely Whiplash as he creeps across your lawn.  You want an array of cameras to localize the bad guy or multiple bad guys.  What good is one camera in the front that gets Boris if Natasha is sneaking around the back with a Molotov?

Speaking of such, are your windows screened?  And I’m not asking about the screens that stop flies and mosquitoes…I’m talking about sturdy-gauge wire.  Sure, doesn’t look pretty, perhaps, but all the better to stop a stone by some would-be Tiny Tim trying to tiptoe through the window.  Worse: Tiny Tim with a Molotov is a very frightening picture indeed.


Next part we’ll cover involves discretion.  Obey all of the little laws and ordinances of your happy home state…the ones that require you to lock up all of the weapons, and string a device into the chamber to keep it from firing, and all of that.  At ReadyNutrition we’re not advocating or advising you to break or disobey any laws of your wonderful local, state, or federal governments or to rail against the direction of your happy policeman, Officer Friendly.

In that light, if you can legally do it…it is advisable to have a weapon ready to go in every room of the house.  You also need to monitor what area of the house is broken into and have a family plan to move the family into the opposite and protected area of the house.  This takes time, planning, and coordination.  You need to establish “safe” areas of the house that you can barricade yourself in and make a stand.  These safe areas also need to have an exit portal/hole in the event the big bad wolves want to huff and puff and burn your house to the ground.

Depending on how many family members you have, you must consider splitting your family in two: one group to remain inside, and another group to go outside and take care of Mr. Big B. Wolf and company.  If you are the lone person in the house, you need to take a page out of the movie “Death Hunt,” with Charles Bronson…how he pre-prepped his cabin and supplies before the jerks came to bother him.  It is JJ’s firm belief that no house/home is an impregnable fortress, but at the bare minimum your preparations can buy you some time.

Be Prepared

Let’s not leave out what I’ve been saying for some time: you must have supplies, food, and other important, life-sustaining items ready just in case you have to surrender the homestead and go running off into the night.  Remember: you can replace anything except one another.  Make your lists and your plans, and game them all the way out until each member of the family knows what to do if the house is compromised.

A final word on detection: use low-tech tools to help you keep tabs on things.  Yes, tripwires with aluminum cans and bolts/nuts/pebbles in them, strung across areas of approach and entrance points to the house.  Tie tripwires off to large piles of noisy cans/metal debris.  True, they are Uncle Caveman primitive, but they are effective.  These are the types of things that will still work regardless of an EMP or loss of electrical power.  Use your imagination.  But plan your work and work your plan, and get it all in order with your family while there is time to practice it.  Be safe, and watch out for one another in all you do.  JJ out!

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on April 5th, 2016