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Preppernomics: The Health Apocalypse

The health apocalypse striking our country can be related to the food supply and the health issues associated with our obese culture are a direct result of the foods we eat.

The health apocalypse striking our country can be directly related to the food supply.  People are obese due to the fake food that lines supermarket shelves.  Many of the fruits and vegetables available contain toxic GMOs that do not nourish, but actually have been proven to cause cancerous tumors and organ failure. The victims of the food supply are then transferred to the medical system, where they pay huge dollars to be medicated with more toxic substances.

The President’s Cancer Panel, a three-person panel that reports to the U.S. president on the National Cancer Program calculated that 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes.  If you’re male, the chances are 1 in 2 that you will be diagnosed with some type of cancer, and women have a 1 in 3 chance of the dreaded diagnosis.

Global Cancer Statistics for 2011 study names cancer as the #1 killer in the western world and #2 in developing countries.

In 2000, prominent holistic researcher and practitioner Burton Goldberg addressed the US Senate regarding the increased incidence of cancer:

“A century ago, one in 33 people had cancer; today, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), it is more than one in three, and growing. When I was born in 1926, cancer was the tenth leading cause of death among children – now I am 73 and it is second. No other health topic today has the urgency of cancer because no other health condition is escalating as fast.”

The outlook is not improving, either. Despite the billions spent on cancer research, the World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer will DOUBLE by the year 2030. The overall increase of all cancers from 1950 to 1995 was 55%. After 1995 there was a slight reduction in lung cancer, which the US National Cancer Institute claimed as a victory, but this victory can be chalked up to prevention, rather than a cure, as the number of smokers in the United states also dropped. The NCI didn’t mention the vast increase in other types of cancer.

The Cancer Prevention Coalition mentioned it, however:

Particularly striking, however, has been the increase of predominantly non-smoking cancers, notably: malignant melanoma (156%); liver (104%); non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (87%); thyroid (71%); testis (67%); post-menopausal breast cancer (54%); brain cancer (28%); and acute myeloid leukemia (16%). Childhood cancers have increased 26% overall: acute lymphocytic leukemia (62%); brain (50%); bone and joint (40%); and kidney (14%). Childhood cancers remain their number one killer, other than accidents. The median age for the diagnosis of cancer is now 67 in adults and 6 in children.

Another study’s projections exceed those made by the WHO.  A report posted in The Lancet Oncology painted a grim picture of the future, predicting that the worldwide incidence of cancer is expected to increase 75 percent by 2030, with a projected increase of more than 90 percent in the poorest nations.

But why are cancer rates escalating like this?  How did cancer go from affecting 1 in 33 people to 1 in 3 people?

The Lancet study says that our lifestyle has a lot to do with it.  Countries with more “progress” have substantially higher rates of cancer.

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“..current and future cancer trends vary between countries based on their levels of development, as measured by their Human Development Index (HDI).

Currently, countries with a low HDI (mainly nations in sub-Saharan Africa) have a high incidence of cancers associated with infection (particularly cervical cancer), as well as liver cancer, stomach cancer and Kaposi’s sarcoma. Countries with a higher HDI (such as Australia, Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdom) have higher rates of cancers associated with smoking (lung cancer), reproductive risk factors, obesity and diet (breast, prostate and colorectal cancer).

Improved living standards in countries with a lower HDI may lead to a decrease in some infection-related cancers, but these countries may see a sharp increase in the types of cancer currently seen in higher-development countries, the researchers pointed out in a journal news release.”


Clearly, things have changed since the 1970s, the decade of comparison in these studies. What is different now?  The FDA has allowed a veritable Pandora’s box of toxins into our foods, cleaning products and medications because the poisoning of the American people has been great for the bank account if you happen to be involved in Big Pharma, Big Agri or Big Business.

How Can We Be Prepared for All of This?

It probably sounds like we’re discussing a gauntlet of disasters.  The concept can be overwhelming – so overwhelming that some people choose not to start preparing at all.

If you’re new at this, you might be dipping your toe in the water, reading some survivalist and prepping websites, trying to figure out how to keep your family safe and well-fed in the difficult days ahead…and you may also read a host of discouraging comments saying that it’s too late to get started.  “If you aren’t already prepared, there’s no time left,” many experienced preppers are saying dismally. “You’re screwed.

If you’ve already come upon some difficult times, you may think to yourself, “I’d like to prepare but I barely have enough money to keep a roof over our heads…We’re screwed.”

You might be reading these terrible prophecies, rolling pennies to buy milk at the grocery store, and watching the parade of terrible daily events and be ready to give up before you even get started.  You may agree, “Yep, it’s too late. I’m screwed.”

The thing is, I’m the eternal optimist, and I don’t believe that it really IS too late.  I don’t believe that you are screwed, even if tomorrow is the date of your first stockpile shopping trip!  If the stores are open, there’s still time.

This recognition of the need to prepare puts you ahead of “the herd”.

  • This means that you will look at current events differently.
  • This means that you will think critically when presented with information via the media.
  • This means that you will truly weigh the pros and cons of fiat currency that you intend to spend.
  • This means that when you shop, you aren’t just looking to feed your family until the next grocery trip.

Even if you just have a little inkling in the back of your mind that things are not as they ought to be, you have crossed a thresh-hold and you can choose whether you want to step in to awareness or slam the door on that uneasy feeling and go about your life, doing things the way you have always done them.

That little voice whispering warnings is telling you something very important – it’s saying that things just aren’t right.   Call it instinct, the voice of God, or a premonition – but listen and get prepared. Start right now.   Even if you only have 2 weeks’ worth of food and water, that is two weeks that your family will not be hungry or thirsty. After Superstorm Sandy people were complaining that they hadn’t eaten after only two days.

None of us knows how long the dollar will last.  We, in North America, will be going the way of Greece – not if, but when.  Natural disasters occur, interrupting the flow of commerce and the availability of goods. Jobs are lost, illnesses occur, and storms blow in.  If you listen to that little voice telling you to get ready, you will not be standing in line with all of the rowdy crowds waiting for FEMA to dole out benevolence.

Take the time we have left and make the most of it.  Ignore the naysayers with their discouraging pronouncements that there isn’t enough time.  Every single meal you put aside, every book of matches, every candle and every alternative cooking method you invest in, increases the security of your family.

Focus on what you can do – and block out the static of those who say the word “can’t”.

If you’re still reading, then you may have decided to come on in and join the ranks of the prepared!

While it’s late in the game we aren’t in the last inning just yet – so let’s get started!

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 10th, 2013

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