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Southern Girl’s Survival Guide to Thanksgiving – Full Menu

There’s nothing like mama’s home-cookin’ and Thanksgiving is the best way to pay homage to your roots. These southern Thanksgiving favorites are time-tested and will surely be a hit for this year’s Turkey Day spread!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with family and reminisce about years gone by. But let’s be honest, it takes a lot of preparation to put together a delectable menu. If you’re short on time and need some recipes stat, look no further – this southern girl’s got you covered.

Low-fat versions these recipes can be made by omitting the butter and replacing them with light olive oil. As well, reduced fat milk can replace any heavy cream in the dishes. Get creative and make a Thanksgiving meal that your family will boast about for years to come.


Butternut Squash Soup

In European cultures, they begin with a soup to put something small and easily digestible on the stomach before the larger portions of the meal are introduced. The smooth texture of the soup mixed with the surprising taste of ginger will have your guests asking for seconds, so you might want to double the recipe!

Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

I’m a big fan of having a tasty salad before all the Thanksgiving festivities. This fills up my stomach so I don’t overeat and also gives me a healthy dose of spinach.

Brined Turkey

Brining the turkey is a great way to seal in the moisture of the bird, and at the same time, enhances the flavor. I go a step further a place a cheesecloth dipped in white wine and place it on top of the breast during most of the baking. Trust me, it will make your turkey much moist, even after brining it.

Chicken n’ Cornbread Dressing

Looking for an easy dressing that comes out moist and savory every time? Check out my sister’s dressing recipe- it’s so delicious!

Sweet Potatoes with Praline Topping

This sweet potato dish is a delicious way to pay homage to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. It’s sweet, creamy and oh, so indulgent.

Cranberry Chutney

This delicious cranberry chutney recipe is as aromatic as much as is colorful. Use this recipe the next time you feel the need to add some color and southern charm to your dinner plate.

Pumpkin Pie with Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate

Want a different version of the age-old pumpkin pie? Try this one. It has a spicy kick to it that will make the crowd ask for seconds.

I hope that you enjoy my family’s recipes and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on November 22nd, 2013