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Sun Oven Review: A Prepper Must Have

The sun oven is everything it claims to be. This product is a prepper must have! Read more about the advantages of having this product in your preparedness supplies.

If there is an emergency, there is a strong possibility that you may find yourself in a situation where you are off the grid. To prepare for this power interruption, the very basic preparedness plan should include considerations for fuel sources and alternative cooking tools for meal preparation. What many of us fail to realize is when our fuel supply runs out we are left without a way to quickly prepare food. The Sun Oven solves this issue by harnessing the power of the sun to cook.

The Sun Oven does it all! It allows you to cook the foods that you normally prepare through baking, boiling and steaming methods. Although, the cooking temperatures vary by the brightness of the sun, in general, the internal temperatures reach between 360-400 degrees Farenheit.

When my Sun Oven arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much more sturdy than I originally thought. I loved the wooden frame that the oven chamber is in, and the solar reflectors were very sturdy as well. The best part was there  was no assembly to the Sun Oven! The Sun Oven comes with:

  • Built in thermometer
  • Attached one piece collapsible reflectors
  • Spill-proof levelator
  • Self-contained leveling leg
  • A computer CD with over 80 SUN OVEN recipes, cooking tips, FAQs, written & video operating instructions, a video on how the SUN OVEN works and emergency preparedness tips.

After following the instructions for cleaning the oven listed with the written materials, I was ready to start cooking. According to the user manual, the Sun Oven can cook anything that a conventional electric or gas oven can cook. You can even use the Sun Oven in lieu of stove top cooking. The slow, even rise in temperatures in the Sun Oven gives the complex carbohydrates time to break down in to simple sugars allowing subtle natural flavors to emerge. Further, the makers of this product add that sun-baked foods stay moist resulting in a superior, moist taste. For my first try, I cooked brown rice by adding cold water and rice and covered the dish. In 40 minutes, it was perfectly moist and delicious. I also made bread in the Sun Oven and it also came out perfectly. I was so excited that the next day, I baked a casserole!

The Sun Oven lived up to everything that it claimed. I love that there is a product that takes the energy from the sun and uses it to cook your food. I plan on using this a lot during the hot summer months to keep my electricity down.

The Verdict

All in all, I give the Sun Oven 5 stars for their product. This is a superior cooking tool to add to your preparedness supplies. I feel assured knowing that I can prepare food in an off-grid environment. From a SHTF standpoint, the lack of smoke will be less of a security issue too. The Sun Oven company even has accessory packages to make the cooking method even more efficient. I will be purchasing the multi-level dehydrating and baking rack for my Sun Oven.

Some accessories they are selling are:

  •  Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (set of 3 racks w/1 roll parchment paper)
  • Two Easy Stack Pots with interchangeable enamel and glass lids
  • Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
  • Two Loaf Pans
  • A computer CD with over 80 SUN OVEN recipes, cooking tips, FAQs, written & video operating instructions, a video on how the SUN OVEN works and emergency preparedness tips.


  • The sun oven can be used in a grid down scenario or as a way to supplement the expensive electricity bills we tend to experience during the summer months. Moreover, it helps you conserve your fuel usage during a disaster. The oven is lightweight and portable, making it ideal to follow the sun.
  • The user manual gives you detailed instructions and provides cooking tips to make the most efficient use of your Sun Oven.
  • The Sun Oven was extremely easy to use and very adaptable for different cooking options.
  • Cleaning the oven with a pot of steaming vinegar was easy and all natural. I love that!
  • This may make me sound a little lazy in my cooking, but I loved that I didn’t have stir the food. The temperature of the food and pots would rise evenly, so there weren’t any hot spots. So, I could literally set the food in the oven and walk away until it was finished.


  • The Sun Oven requires lots of sunlight, therefore, it can be difficult to use on days that there is cloud cover. I did experiment with how hot the oven got on an overcast day and the temperature peaked at 150 Farenheit after it was left in the sun for 2 hours.
  • Many reviews have mentioned to taste of plastic in their food. I had no problems with this. I think the bad reviews stemmed from not reading the instructions thoroughly.
  • The latches to the stove were a little stiff when I first used it, but I wouldn’t consider this a design flaw. If anything, it should stay this way to ensure the heat doesn’t escape.

Helpful Tips

The Solar Oven company has even provided recipes here to help you experiment more with your cooking. I plan on using my Sun Oven once a week to give my oven and stove a much needed break.

I found these cooking guidelines that may be helpful:

Bowl of soup: 45 minutes at 320º
Macaroni and cheese: 2 hours at 300º
2 country style ribs: 1 hour at 340º, turn & cook for another hour
Gingerbread: Bake in a dark pan @ 300-325º until done

I encourage all of you to get a Sun Oven. In an extended emergency where the grid is down, this product will help you to prepare your food, boil water and so much more.


This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on May 27th, 2013