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The 13 Signs of a Societal Collapse

We are quickly running out of time to prepare for what may be the biggest collapse we have seen in our lifetime. Do you know what signs to look for? Are you prepared for what may come?

There are times when I sit and think about the collision course this country is on and the so-called leaders who put us here. It is excruciating to watch and see the signs that no one wants to see. Rather than being perceptive to what is going on around them, many have chosen to blindly go about their life and spend their hard-earned money on what the television tells them to buy instead of what they need in order to live.

We are quickly running out of time to prepare for what may be the biggest collapse we have seen in our lifetime. History has always repeated itself, and if we sit idly by and ignore these historical repetitions, then we have wasted the precious time we have left. Take notice of these significant signs and be ready for their impact:

  1. Wars over resources
  2. Exorbitant debt for country and countries around the world
  3. Hyper inflation
  4. Government corruption
  5. Currency manipulation
  6. Stock market manipulation
  7. Bank corruption
  8. High unemployment rates
  9. Civil unrest
  10. Bank runs
  11. Barriers around country’s borders
  12. Militarizing the police force
  13. Food shortages

I am terrified for our future, and frankly, fear that many of our dear friends and family members will fall victim to the dismemberment of our economic system and be caught in the crossfires of economic unrest, poverty and third-world country conditions. Like it or not, we are in an economic depression and a large percentage of the population is completely ill-equipped to survive it. Not only do many members of our community lack the resources and the knowledge to survive, but, as a whole, our nation is complacent, lazy, and lacks the values that those individuals had to get them through the first economic depression. Only the prepared will have a fighting chance at surviving what is to come.

Despite my current state, I believe that a true optimist is the one who recognizes the current reality for what it is, imagines a better future, and then has the strength, courage and willingness to dig in, make choices and do the work necessary to bring about that desired outcome. In order to recognize our reality, we must have our eyes opened to it in order to see the signs of change.

One day enough signs will occur and there will be a complete and utter collapse. And only then will people wake up to their new reality and wonder how this could have happened. How many signs do people need to witness before they begin to see the chain reaction of a collapse? The signs are here folks, what are you going to do?


This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on September 12th, 2011