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The Prepper’s Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookies are more than just for eating. They can help us put things into perspective in regard to our prepping endeavors.

It’s safe to say the world is in a tailspin of chaos. We all see the signs of what may come and fear for what tomorrow may bring. As we search for answers (all the while hoping for the best), perhaps we can call upon the fortune cookies to help us out.

Although this article is more tongue and cheek than anything, these are actual fortunes from cookies and can help us put things into perspective in regard to our prepping endeavors.

  1. Look ahead or you won’t get ahead. Not having the foresight to prepare today is a costly gamble that can leave many vulnerable. While times are still easy, it is best to plan for those harder times. If you haven’t already done so, look into the 52-Weeks to Preparedness series to help you create a step-by-step preparedness foundation your family can rely on.
  2. Do not give up, the hardest part is always at the beginning. Prepping can be very intimidating, especially in the beginning. Creating a food pantry and acquiring supplies takes planning and forethought. Many of us find it difficult to find the time to prep because we are either too busy with jobs, trying to make ends meet or are busy being parents. Take a deep breath and start your first steps toward preparedness in a slow and steady manner. The first things you can do is to create a preparedness plan, set up a financial budget to see how much money you can allot for preps and slowly begin acquiring what you need. Many people start with a two week supply of food and supplies and then build upon those.
  3. Don’t panic. Those who are unprepared tend to panic in the situation they find themselves in. Disasters of any kind are high stress environments where you can end up making rash decisions. You have a choice: Either you go into a disaster unprepared and risk making careless mistakes, or you confidently and cautiously go into the disaster knowing you will adapt to the situation because you have the skills, supplies and know-how to get through it unscathed.
  4. Determination will get you through this.The most important predictor of success is determination. If you make the conscious decision to get through a disaster no matter what, that determination will see you through. This is an important aspect of mental preparedness. Mental preparation for a given situation can create a resilience inside yourself that can keep you going.
  5. Don’t be surprised at the emergence of undiscovered talents. Preparation leads to learning about skills.When I started prepping, I had never canned or dehydrated anything. Little did I know, that I was pretty good at it and actually enjoyed it. This started an entire new passion for me and I ended up writing a book about it. Through preparation, you will find undiscovered talents and skills that you enjoy – you just have to take those first steps in discovering them.
  6. There is beauty is simplicity. Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Have you noticed that you are buying things in order to fill an empty void within yourself? Simplifying your life and concentrating on the bare necessities can help alleviate the chaos that surrounds us. It helps you rid yourself of the non-essentials that cloud your life. Simplifying your life can be as simple as growing an organic garden so you can feel assured knowing where your food source comes from, or it can be solely concentrating on getting out of debt. Read more about practical tips to simplify your life.
  7. The intention is not to see through people, but to see people through. I believe that one of main reasons we prep is to give ourselves and others hope. We prep for the future well being of our family. Those family members who made you the butt of the jokes for being a prepper will be singing a different tune when they wind up on your door looking for help. This is not the time to judge them but to help get them through. Even if you do not have the capability of letting them stay with you, you can still help by offering a handout, some helpful advice or just giving them encouragement.
  8. There are lessons to be learned from listening to others. What I love about preppers is they are more than willing to help others get started in the path of preparedness. That said, we have all made similar mistakes and can learn from them. Here are a list of some mistakes that I have made. Perhaps you can learn from them.
  9. Treasure what you have. As preppers, we must remember that we do not have an abundance of time to sit around being complacent. Times are getting harder and before we know it, we could find ourselves in the middle of a major disaster without the ability to communicate with our loved ones. We must make the most of the time we have and be around those we cherish. What life really comes down to is the relationships we have cultivated through the years; these are the real treasures of our life. In a long-term disaster, there will be times when we look back and regret not reconciling with loved ones or not making the most of a relationship.
  10. Do not worry about the world coming to an end. It’s already tomorrow in Australia. We can’t live as though the bottom is going to drop out at any moment – that is no way to live. Live life to the fullest and surround yourself with loving friendships and relationships.

This article was originally published at Ready Nutrition™ on June 18th, 2013

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